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Saturday, October 6, 2012

~Two Lessons Learned~

It has been a whirlwind past couple of days. 
I have traveled back and forth between
 our old house and the yellow house. 
I have somehow gotten sick in the process.
 Is it surgery related?

Two lessons learned. 
Do not declare yourself well because then you shall surely be stricken.
 Also never say you have no budget left for mums when you have paid big bucks for an olive bucket.
I found these humongous mums at Costco for $9.99. 
That works.

Now get yourself to Costco, if you have one, and want mums. 
Also never believe an RN when she says she is doing "just fine."

If I felt better I would put this mum in a terracotta planter
 but it is not happening.

happy fall


  1. You have probably been over doing it Olive. Sit back and take some time for yourself. Read a book, have a cup of tea, and relax beside your lovely pot of mums.

  2. Hey Ollive, lovely Mums, only half of what I found them for. We don't have Costco. Sorry to hear you are not well. Hope all goes well for you and you have a quick recovery. Take care and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.........

    The French Hutch

  3. :( Sorry to hear that Olive. But yes you are correct, when you think you are better and go push take two steps back. Hence, my husband on the couch today with a bad back.

  4. Olive the mums are lovely! Sit down next to them and relax and enjoy. Please take care of yourself. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Olive, Olive, Olive....did you overdo too early? You better quit it!! Relax now, so you don't major have to relax later...I give this advice from lessons learned!!

  6. Oh Olive, I am so sorry you are not feeling as well as you were... I hate to say you probably overdid it, because I know you already know that!... you are like me... just keep going and going and before you know it, you have over done it... sit in your pretty chairs and relax and admire your GORGEOUS new mum!... (Nurse Julie Marie's order)... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. I'm so sorry Olive! No take it easy and let yourself heal up okay???
    The mums are beautiful!
    hugs from here...

  8. Girl...take it easy, OK? but I do really love those mums!!

  9. well... this RN thinks to herself "oh it will go away" no matter what is wrong with me! please take care dear friend.

  10. Listen girl you need to take of yourself, and don't push yourself because your feeling a little better!! (I'm one to talk, I do the same thing!) Feel better:)
    Love that gorgeous mum!

  11. I would do the same thing. Did in fact, last time I had a "procedure". Hope you can stay put long enough to feel better. If you're like me, when you sit still, you look around and see all the things you want to do on your never ending list.
    Lovely mum, and it looks good just as it is.

  12. Yes... you need to take care of you first and worry about everything else as being secondary. Seriously... someone needs to tie you down until you are completely healed my friend or you'll find yourself 6 feet under with those pretty mums atop your grave!! LOL

  13. Poor thing! Always follow doctor's orders!!! Rest without fussin' about it!

    Pretty Mums. Wish we had a Costco.

  14. Oh, are just like me, always doing the opposite of what you are told! You need to sit back, rest, read a bit and enjoy your pretty mum. I have to dash out to Costco!

    Thanks for your sweet comment today, it made my day! Yes, I was sick exactly one year ago (and again last January, same thing). I remember you giving me some sage advice Miss R.N. Now, take care of YOU!!


  15. Rest, rest, rest! I have a feeling you are doing too much, too soon!


  16. Oh my, you need a pick me up. Olive buckets and mums.

  17. Those mums are gorgeous. Good ole Costco. Hope you are feeling better.

  18. well, pooh... sorry to hear you are not quite up to par... sure hope you have time to sit back & relax a bit or two. big hugs. love the mums!!! (:

  19. You need to sit back and enjoy the weather and your beautiful mums!! Don't overdo. It's so easy to do.

    Take care.


  20. The mums are amazing but you need to put your gown on and prop your feet up.
    Hope you feel better soon-

    A bossy blogger-
    White Spray Paint

  21. You, of all people, should know better than to do too much too fast! Now, sit back and relax beside those lovely mums. ~ Maureen

  22. Gorgeous mums! Hmm, does sound like you might be rushing things a bit. I'm sure you needed one more person to tell you to take it a little slower? Have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning!

  23. Always, always listen to your body!

  24. Oh, Olive, please take care of yourself so you heal completely! Your mums are gorgeous and hopefully will help to bring some cheer.
    Mary Alice

  25. Olive, Hope you are better today. I started feeling yucky as soon as I had my breakfast. Then Emma gets up and it's scurry-scurry to feed her and her dressed and ready to go home. Even an old mommy like me has to keep plugging along. Love the mum, I have one just like it . Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  26. Olive, so sorry to hear you're poorly again - hope you're on the mend again soon. The 'mums' are lovely.

  27. Feel better, and your mums are lovely! I'm off to get some mums and pumpkins tomorrow, after swearing that I wasn't going to buy any this year...sigh!


  28. Olive~ Hope you have recovered! Beautiful bokeh and mums~ we don't have a Costco nearby sadly...

    I had to tell you that I popped over to Tuesday Morning and scooped up an olive bucket for my Potting Shed! It doesn't have your wonderful label but it's a very happy addition just the same~ thanks so much for sharing!


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