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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flower Garden After Rain Rain Rain

Tiger Lily 
The beauty of this bulb with it's brown freckles amazes me. 
You can plant the little black bublets on it's stem and have more of these next year.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
I love that it fades to pink.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea
It is fading to a light purple. I have been trying to dry these without success.
 Maybe they are waterlogged this year. Normally I dry bucks of them.

The flower garden proper is overgrown and filled with weeds.
 I pulled weeds for two hours Monday. I can hardly tell. It is disheartening.

I tied it to this wrought iron post and I am liking this look. 
The Talented B gave me the wrought iron post and idea. She is a smart gal.
You can see my Beautiful Weed post about this plant here.

The grass certainly has enjoyed the continuous daily rain for 45 day in a row.
The night our gravel road washed away we had ten inches of rain in four hours. I do not fertilize our grass or fuss over it in any way. We have a huge amount of grass so I merely mow it.  

Can you see the enormous Spider Plant on the right? 
I dug it out of my sister's neighbor's trash. My sister was a little bit alarmed but got over it.
The plant looked rough but has recovered splendidly.

It is thundering now-more rain!

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  1. Can I be your neighbor and get clippings from your garden? seriously, it all looks beautiful..
    Love, Mona

  2. I have orange tiger lilies too and yellow ones; that is a good tip about planting more from our current plants

  3. Love your Tiger Lily! That flower sure makes me feel like SUMMER!
    Love your Crocosmia . . . mine is just about ready to pop!

  4. the tiger lilies are gorgeous. that is an amazing color. ( :

  5. My lilies are still in bud, but will open any week now. For us the weather has been the complete opposite, no rain for weeks, and everything is drying up. Good tip about the the black bublets Olive. Do you have red lily beetle in the States? it is the bane of my lilies - fortunately because it is red it is easy to spot, but it lays its larvae on the leaves which then proceed to eat them rapidly - a real pest.

    1. Rosemary, I have not seen a red lily beetle. With this rain we have copious amounts of insects swooping down upon us though.

  6. Beautiful! Love your hydrangeas!!

  7. Your garden is beautiful! Good for you for rescuing that spider plant - I can't bear to see any plant thrown out!


  8. I never thought I would admit it, but I miss the rain!!! Love how you rescued the Spider Plant, it looks very happy and grateful All your blooms and greens look wonderful, Olive. Ann

  9. Love your garden glimpses and blooms Olive! We have had rain, rain and more rain, complete with sink holes and flood watches. All the weeds are thriving!

  10. The lilies are very pretty Olive! Mary above could be describing my yard right now:@)

  11. Your garden is soooooo gorgeous! Don't be so stingy with the rain....send it to us!! LOL Even our weeds are dying here!!!

  12. I so love your garden, Olive. We had tons of rain, now, it's been super hot. Things are starting to dry up here.

  13. Yes, 38 days of rain, one day off, forty-five days of rain, one day off, and today more rain. I am afraid to find out what exactly is living in the bushes along the back fence - it's jungle out there! Your flowers certainly go a long way to brighten up your yard.

  14. I guess that's better than a drought but for Pete's sake, enough is enough.

    You remind me of my father in that he could never stand to see a plant thrown away. He always nursed them back from the fringes of death.

  15. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! Your flowers are lovely! I am glad that the spider plant is making a recovery!

    Khammany @

  16. If the rain helps the plants and lawn, I'm sure it helps the weeds! So sorry that you've had all of this, just crazy. Drought in Texas, heat here. Crazy weather is not so surprising anymore.


  17. Your flowers look pretty. Wasn't today HOT??? I heard it was the hottest day of the year for us in GA. Now it is raining.....again.....! I've lived in GA all my life and don't ever remember having such a wet summer. Crazy!

  18. Pretty flowers! I can't believe you've had so much rain. June was quite a rainy month here in northern IL, but July has been average, so far. We haven't seen rain in over a week. So you can send some of that rain here!

  19. We could use some rain here! It is a heat wave this week with no rain in the forecast until the weekend. Not that the rain last week helped - just made things feel more tropical. My poor plants, though. I'm going out in the evenings and trying to water what I can, especially the newer things.

  20. Freckles are always a good thing...kinda like a bevy of beauty spots.
    Girl, I doubt if anyone is noticing the weeds with all the lushness you got going there.
    45 days? Have you considered a new building an ark out of pallets?

  21. Olive, Your garden looks great to me. We are having the biggest crop of crabgrass I have seen in my entire life. Lawn dude will be here next monday. my gosh that is not soon enough. Stay cool. Nice you saved that spider plant:):) xoxo,Susie

  22. Your garden still looks pretty great, especially with all the rain you had. The tiger lilies are gorgeous and so are the faded Nikko Blue hydrangeas. I have only picked a few of my neighbors this year and haven't dried any either. We had a little shower yesterday after 2 days without rain, but today is sunny. I'm hoping we will have some rain free days so I can finish our deck. Problem is it's so blazing hot outside now.

  23. Hello Olive... your gardens are so pretty, love the Tiger Lily... we have had weeks of rain too... hot sunny days, then BIG thunderstorms each night... happy gardening!... xoxo Julie Marie

  24. 45 days in a row? We don't even get 45 days in 2 yrs here Olive! I loved seeing your beautiful blooms and anytime I get to see into your lovely garden is a great day for me!!! The lily is amazing!
    sending many hugs...

  25. Just gorgeous, Olive!!! Your bloom and photos are stunning. I have a place in my heart for hydrangeas!! What a joy to walk with you in your garden!


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