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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vintage Watering Can

Good morning friends. 
What do you do when you come across a vintage watering can with the bottom rusted out?
  You plant one of your favorite flowers in it.

The flower is Blue Daze (evolvulus) and is a perennial here in zone 8. It is a member of the morning glory family.  Besides it's lovely blue flowers it also has wonderful grey green foliage.
It is sold here as an annual though.

I hope this Tuesday finds all of you well and happy. 

I will be catching up on your posts and news today.

 This weekend Joe and I trimmed shrubbery, roses, and perennials for hour and hours until we were bone tired. Forty five plus days of rain had the property looking most jungle like. 
Much is left to do but I am having a pajama day today.

Our front stoop is a stellar example of excellent over growth of plants.

Joy and Peace


  1. I was just wondering where you've been. Love the watering can. I have two that I use regularly, but since we've had so much rain, one of mine is also holding a flower arrangement on the back porch right now.

  2. Fun find! My blue daze is most happy this summer. '-)

  3. Love your watering can and the blue flower....So pretty! I have a watering can on my front porch filled with a geranium on my front porch!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hello Olive... your vintage watering can full of blooms is just beautiful!... it is so hot here now, wish we would get some of your rain... enjoy your pajama day!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Lovely - I love unique planters. I too am having something of a pajama day today...I can't seem to kick the infection I have - I feel an obsessive need to pull weeds in my excessively weedy vegetable garden but I really think it would be better to rest and let my body heal. Sigh.

  6. Olive,
    great idea for the watering can! Is this rain ever gonna be over!!
    So ready! A pajama day sounds good to me, think I'll join you!

  7. I also have an old watering can with flowers in it on the patio!! love it!!

  8. I had to show your post to my husband as we have lost our vintage watering can. It was a lot like yours and still had the label mostly on it. I even found an old picture of it on the porch. Now we can't find it anywhere. I'm also missing a pottery bowl shaped like a pink seashell that I put away this winter.

    Where do these things go? Do you ever lose something?

    I hope you enjoy your pajama day....oops, just looked down and I'm still in mine!

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  10. A pajama day sounds like fun to me! I adore Blue Daze. Of course, up here it's an annual. I must move down South where I can garden properly!

  11. I love that Blue Daze in the old watering can! Darling!!


  12. Yep, we have to sneak in the yard work between showers. It rained here again today. When will it all stop. Love your watering can with the pretty flowers and jammie days are good.

  13. First year in a long time I do not have a Blue Daze peeking out somewhere. Love yours in the watering can. We have conquered the jungle three time this summer and you cannot tell!

  14. Sounds like it was meant to be a planter! Looks great-enjoy:@)

  15. It's perfect for that flower...the way it trails over the side! Great find my friend!

  16. I have one of those that I plant in. I prune my plants a bit too, especially if they are bothering their neighbors and shading them or hiding them.

  17. I had a Pajama day myself today! House to myself. Lots to catch up on on line, in the paper, around the house... it was delightful. As is your rusted out bottom watering can. Great idea! Have a good week! Ann

  18. Love what you have done with the water can. I have the same one and it is planted with purple wave petunias.

  19. Forgot to mention, I am sharing your flower filled water can on my FB page tomorrow:)

  20. Love what you have done with the water can. I have the same one and it is planted with purple wave petunias.

  21. Vintage watering cans do make fun plant containers. Sure wish you'd share some of your rain with us!
    Mary Alice

  22. I love vintage watering cans and I love the flowers you placed in yours.

    I am painting an old coal bucket tonight and tomorrow I am heading out to find just the right plant to go inside it.

  23. I love the flowers in the watering can...I have such a hard time finding blue flowers. I saw an old watering can at a barn/antique shop for $25.00. I think the man knew just which items were popular these days. What a shame.

    Sending positive thoughts that your rain will end soon.


  24. I've never seen those flowers before. Heavenly Blue morning glories are my favorites, and your flower looks like a cross between morning glories and forget-me-knots. Very pretty!

  25. Rain for 45 days certainly makes for gorgeous flowers and gardens . . . BUT . . . the weeds like water too. The work of gardening never ends . . . sure does make for attractive entry steps, vintage watering can vessel though. Enjoy your PJ Day!

  26. That is a great use for the old watering can,Olive.

    Happy Pajama Day to you. It sounds well deserved after all your work in the garden. I should do some work outside today; it was actually cool enough for a light jacket on an early walk. Heaven!


  27. This is wonderful..I used one at Christmas and put rosemary branches in it. it lasted for months..but it wasn't rusted out and held water....I love this trailing flower in it...perfect....if you are done with your yard, I have some you can do
    love, Mona


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