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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barn Chicks Baby

October’s theme for the Barn Chicks is a seasonal one filled with pumpkins, barns, recipes, and such.

We begin in the  back yard of our old house where chippy and rusty reside in perfect harmony.

Beware this post is loooong.

joe's outbuildings 018-1

joe's outbuildings 019-1

joe's outbuildings 017-1

joe's outbuildings 035-1

joe's outbuildings 038-1

I have had this concrete pumpkin for about twenty years. He has spider webs in his eyes. They are real.

He weighs about twenty pounds.

Joe asked if I was going to clean it.

Well no.

Every thing we own, that sits outside, the spiders think belongs to them.

Silly spiders.

lamp 005

lamp 004

lamp 006

I found a barn nearby that is rather ominous.

For a Southern barn it is tall.

I almost walked onto a rattle snake while taking these images.

Once again Barn Chicks is fraught with danger. You can read my previous chick post here .

Tom, I did not kill it.

I walked away.


green house 029

green house 025

green house 026

Are you still with me? That barn was chilling to me in broad daylight.

green house 022-2

I have no recipes. I know you are thrilled!

Please visit Julie-Marie our hostess at Idyllhours and the other Barn Chicks.

Look at the list of chicks on her side bar.

Julie is guest hosting for Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors.

grace surrounds us



  1. Olive...first a confession...I hate Halloween. But I love your concrete Pumpkin. He'd have to stay in my garden all year!

  2. You never know what you are going to find in a barn!! I'm sure I'd be prepared to run!!

    Love the concrete pumpkin!


  3. Love your concrete pumpkin. I cannot stand snakes. We have some on our property and in the pond. Great barn shots. Be careful out there.

  4. Girl, that is one "smooky" pumpkin! Spider webs just add to the scare factor, and that barn is ginormous and creepy to boot. Hope you've had a great week!
    love ya,

  5. Love all of the pics. I think I really need a trip to the country for a little relaxation and inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hello Olive... I love your post! Your pumpkin full of real spiderwebs is great! And the old barn is fantastic... so glad you didn't get bit by the rattler! Yes, sometimes being a Barn Chick involves a certain amount of danger,but it is always exciting! That old barn looks totally enchanting to me... I would love to explore inside there... minus the snake of course! How eerie it must look at night time, perhaps under a full moon??? Thanks so much for joining the party!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Olive,
    I like your concrete pumpkin!
    Yes, the barn is chilling.
    I would like to see more pictures of your pre-Civil War house.
    Hugs and smiles.

  8. I think the concrete pumpkin is perfect in its original chippy cob webby shape.
    And the beauty in barns is enhanced by their variety and history.
    And I love that you use the word harmony in just the right context.

  9. You are killing me with the "S's"...You don't need to worry about me visiting you, I guess....

  10. the pumpkin looks tired. we have an old barn . the barn you shared looks in better shape then the one on our property. rose

  11. oh, I am soooo afraid of snakes. But a Barn Chick must do whatever it takes for a barn pick! that is the most unusual roofline for a barn. love it but it is bit scary too! Thanks for the mention of my Party!!!


  12. Love your cement pumpkin....we have some that we've had almost that long but not as cool as yours.

  13. Your concrete pumpkin is awesome-don't think I've ever seen one-at least it won't blow away and has a great patina!

  14. Hi Olive! I never get tired of looking at barn pictures...I think they are so beautiful! Your pumpkin is absolutely perfect! :)

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  15. Hi Olive,
    I love your cement pumpkin with its charm, knowing spiders make it their home. It would be hard for me to walk slowly from the snake. I think I would have run run full speed. Not a fan of snakes. LOL and I live in Texas!!
    Just love your tall barn and the character of it.
    So enjoyed my visit.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  16. That is the spookiest Jack-o-lantern I've ever seen. It's very different in a good way....kind of creepy.

  17. Thanks for visitng my blog :D
    I recently moved from Fayetteville Ga. to Florida, and I sure do miss it!!
    Your images bring back a lot of good memories~


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