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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Estate Sales Will Be My Undoing

Estate sales will be my undoing.

The past two estate sales have been exceptional.

On day two the seller discounts every item fifty percent except for very large items.

It might have been better if I had not learned this fact.


estate sale 006

Reproduction bunny pottery which is adorable.

estate sale 008

An original colored and signed pencil drawing of a lovely European town.

estate sale 005

Nikko china from Japan.  The pattern is Dena.

I got twenty three pieces and of those eight are salad plates which I will use for dessert plates.

Price $15.00

estate sale 004


I also swung by a garage sale on the way home and bought two really nice vintage pieces.

Joe cannot believe I bought another lamp but I did!

Lamps and urns make me weak.

Very very weak.

estate sale 010

estate sale 009

The pitcher is old ironstone and is cracked and chipped but was $2.00 as was the lamp!

Debbie of  Talking Trash discussed with ya’ll that I have a closet full of lampshades just in case I need one.

My spare shades come from garage sales.

I am linking with the fabulous Debbie of Debbiedoos for her Garage Salen Party.

garage sale partygrace surrounds us



  1. Fun items, I'm lovin' the vase in the first pic and can't believe the lamp was only $2!

  2. What great stuff. I do hope I can go to an estate sale some time. I love all that blue and white you bought and I have a weakness for lamps, too.

  3. I LOVE those garage sales too, Olive. I rarely get up early enough on a sunday for 'car boot' sales, but I am always at auctions buying up stuff which I think is drastically underpriced. Nice trip for you by the look of it.

  4. Lamps do have a special call, don't they? A particularly attractive call, I find!!

    No point resisting!!


  5. The blue and white pieces are lovely. although I said on my last blog I love the colour red (not the politics) which I do, blue and white are also up front.

  6. Yes, I too learned about that helf price deal on the second day. I bought a bunch of summer dresses, skirts, and jackets that are just right for the fall. Most items were $1.50 each! That is a big time deal on the lamps. My lamps were $25 and $15 at the estate sales.

  7. Olive,
    What beautiful treasures! *gasp* $15??? Terrific! Love the Delft, especially....

  8. Where do you put all this stuff Olive?

  9. I love it all Olive!!~ I have never ever been to an estate sale...can you believe that? What beautiful pieces you scored...and the nice thing is, you will cherish them. Thanks so much for joining me...I really enjoyed my visit!!~

  10. Jacqueline, we started with a empty house in December of last year and that is where most of it goes. I have started consigning a few pieces now and then. We do have two houses for now. When we move into one house we will have a huge moving sale. We still have an empty bedroom and many empty closets at our yellow house believe it or not.

  11. You did really well Olive! it is hard to pass on a good deal. I'm guilty of that at times.
    Haven't been to an estate sale this year which I miss. I really seem to do damage at those...oy!

  12. Make sure you invite me when you have that moving sale Olive...I could stand a road trip to Georgia (used to live in Buuuuuckhead dahhhling).

  13. I love those items you found. I havent been to an estate sale in years. Have a great weekend.

  14. Great finds. I adore the ironstone pitcher!

  15. What a great deal on the lamp!! I don't go to many estate sales...they could definitely be my downfall! But keep on being successful have some wonderful finds here!


  16. Thank goodness someone shares a similar sickness to mine...lampshades!! I too keep some on hand, just in case. In fact, I have had one sitting in the dining room so it can speak to me and tell me what it wants me to look like.... That kind of sounds like a different sickness doesn't it?LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog, will be your newest follower, gotta keep tabs on people I will be in the ward with, lol!

  17. love your new lamp. the colors are great. the dishes look great. enjoy your finds. rose

  18. Love your gorgeous finds. I always hunt for lamps, but they are so hard to find here. Well at least anything that you would have. lol That sounds like I am a little picky, but trust me these that I find are really, really ugly. Your lamp is stunning. Good for you, so glad you found such lovely treasures. Hugs, Marty

  19. Oh My! What wonderful finds! I love a good estate sale (especially on the 2nd or 3rd day)! love everything you bought. I have such a weakness for blue and white, and I adore all of the b/w you bought. What a deal on the set of china! laurie

  20. love, love , love the bunny pottery!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  21. ~*~*Lovely finds Olive!!! Congrats~*~* Hugs,Rachel ;)

  22. Great scores! i would have scooped up that lamp, too!

  23. Good job Olive...looks like you had fun!!! Estate sales are the best!!!!

  24. Now I KNOW what all those lampshades in the closet are for! You're just like me...a lamp junkie and girl...there just ain't no cure for what ails us!
    Estate sales here in Dallas usually are too high to buy at, but I did get some great stuff last weekend at one! Love the bunny!!!

  25. What a deal on the dishes. I did not know about the 1/2 price day. And that pitcher is gorgeous. Love the crazing on it (I think that's what you call the crackly lines in it).

  26. Awesome treasures Miss Olive!

    No time to chat much! I have to get back to unpacking!!

    Hugs, Nancy

  27. Oh Olive...I LOVE the lamp and pitcher!!!! They are beeautiful!!! Your other finds are great too.

  28. Oh Olive, I would have wrestled you to the ground -- in mud -- for that $2 lamp. I've got yard sale lamps stashed behind sofa corners all over the house -- it's an obsession. It is dangerous to teach a magpie woman to re-wire spooky old lamp wiring. No lamp is safe.

    I had the chance to buy THREE lamps similar to yours at a yard sale last summer -- $5 for the lot! -- but my daughter Anne dragged me away. Why did I have children?

    I could have had LAMPS!

    BTW your idea for covering hatboxes in the kitchen wallpaper is brilliant. Thank you! I have a stack of hatboxes in tired old blue stripes that would be perfect for this. Yay.

    BTW the Zombie? Quite the looker.


  29. Great finds! I need to hit up estate sales more often. ;)

  30. I too have a definite weakness for estate sales. You certainly found some lovely treasures!

  31. Blue and white pottery is a serious weakness! I'm so jealous of your finds!

  32. You are a girl after my own heart! Anything blue and white makes swoon. Your new pottery is fabulous.
    xo, Sherry

  33. I just popped over from News From Italy to say thanks for signing up as a follower, it is much appreciated. Had a browse around while I was here again, love the things you purchased! Think I need to follow you as well :)


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