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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Household Manager Needed

This ad was in our local paper today.

Household Manager


Busy executive needs PT Housekeeper

for home and office. 20-25 hours per week.

Must be able to cook from recipes, maintain

a cleaning schedule for non routine chores,

tend to pets, minor repairs, light gardening,

and yard work, light sewing, interior decorating,

painting, run errands, complete records.

Mostly M-F, with some weekend chores when

owner is out of town. Must be organized and detail

oriented. Generous pay for the right person.

Send email letter describing your interest and previous

work history. References required.


I have many thoughts. But will refrain from commenting.

What say you of this ad?


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  1. I've been doing this unpaid for 30 years...where do I apply?

  2. I would say, I can do that. Whats it pay :)
    Hopefully it would be on the up and up if that makes sense :)

  3. I'd say the guy just got divorced. And if he thinks someone can get all that done in 20 hrs a week, that may be why his wife packed it in.

  4. I didn't know those guys still existed.

  5. Oh Olive, I won't post my thoughts! Well, maybe just a few... I don't care what the pay is, I would not apply! Sounds like the "busy executive" is a bit pompous to me and maybe a little behind the times as far as what a housekeeper does? For some reason, I do believe the "busy executive" is a woman... I think I know her... tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Pet care? Sewing? Yard work? Recipes? Decorating? The person who gets all this done in twenty five hours is something serious. All of you are thinking along the lines I thought when I first read it today.

  7. I'd do it for the right money, but I somehow think that his idea of 'generous pay' and mine would differ somewhat. I wonder if it is an advert for a new wife?

  8. Good night nurse.
    I didn't know my husband was advertising my services!

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  9. Busy Executive needs to look in the mirror to see why he's not getting any takers! x

  10. ps Julie Marie said Busy Executive could be a woman! That sounds really scary!

  11. Molly-I thought it could possibly be a woman.

    Tom-it does sound as if it's an ad for a wife. I question if it is a genuine want ad.

  12. The only ones I know that can fill this (as a paid position) are tv characters, and they were all live in. (Who's the Boss, Hazel, Melissa & Joey, Alice from Brady Bunch)
    I know what that person would be doing the rest of the time. Boss bashing!


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