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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mantles at the Old House

We have ten fireplaces in the old house which was built sometime prior to the Civil War.

The interior of our house is very dark which challenges my photography skills immensely.

Every mantle in the house is different and we have ten total.

We do not use the fireplaces for making fires as catching the house on fire is too great a risk because the house is made from fatlighter.

The first mantle is in our den.

I took the photos just as it usually is.

No staging or dusting for that matter.

mantles 001-1

Authentic chippiness.

If we were to restore the house we would not touch this mantle as I love it just  this way.

mantles 002-1

mantles 004-1

mantles 005

The second mantle , I soon realized, is not shown in the photos. Oops.

We do have a vintage wooden mirror and some transfer ware on the mantle.

The alabaster mortar and pestle was brought back with us from Tuscany.

mantles 013

mantles 015

mantles 017

You can see our plaster walls which are wicked to keep painted.

They peel and crack.

Let’s just call it patina!

I am linking with the darling Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

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  1. Hello Olive, I love your mantles and all of your beautiful accessories... I especially love your transferware... what a beautiful home you have!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh Olive. Every time I go to comment on your posts, I start craving chocolate. As in finding unexpected ones....
    Your mantels are beautiful. As are their accessories. I must go view them again now.

  3. I mean, I love your pictured mantel. But anyway, I sure would like a house tour some day! Beautiful.

  4. 10 fireplaces-wow! Your pics are great, I'm lovin' the cute little donkey:@)

  5. I love old houses. They have so much charm. Wow, ten fireplaces. I love that mantel and all it's chippyness. Yes, say your walls have patina!

  6. Absolutely love all the detail, Olive!


  7. Oh Olive, 10 fireplace mantels to decorate! How glorious! I wouldn't care that there is never a fire in the fireplace - but to have those wonderful old mantels would be so much fun. Your mantel decor is so pretty. Love the brown and white pitchers, and is that a collection of paperweights? I'd love to see those up close. I agree - the patina of the walls is perfect! laurie

  8. Unexcpected chocolates? I like that!!

    I love your blog so thank you for commenting because it led me here!

    Your fireplace looks beautiful.


  9. Laurie, I only decorate maybe three mantles at the old house. I never go upstairs as the house is too big for me to keep up. It is a fading southern gem.

  10. LoVe the Sneak-Peek of the Mantle!!! Can't wait to see more...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  11. Your house must be amazing! You are so lucky to live in such a historical dwelling. I'm sure there are lots of maintenance issues that go along with it but worth it for all that charm, history and beauty. I am a HUGE fan of patina! You should see my furniture.....

  12. I'm chuckling that so many Christian women love chippy vintage stuff. Wonder what our mansions in heaven are gonna look like (: Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back. Blessings.

  13. Ten fireplaces!! I'm challenged to decorate one! I love old historic homes and this one sounds amazing.

  14. Hi Olive, I like the mantle it has a great look to it. And we luv your state also it is very pretty. We stopped at a pretty little town looking for antiques on our way to South Carolina. I belive the name of this town was called Macon. Thanks for sharing and for your visit......Julian

  15. 10 fireplaces!!! That is amazing! Your home sounds beautiful, I need to stick around and go through some older posts, Theresa xoxo

  16. Beautiful...the chippiness is great. Pardon me for sounding dumb but what is fatlighter?

  17. Wow...10 fireplaces...I'm so jealous!!!


  18. Wow! ten mantles! how awesome! LOVE the ones you've decorated...especially love the chippy-ness.

  19. Beautiful Mantels ~ amazing how a black & white Photo ~ Hides any Dust.... now to go google fatlighter~
    Have a Great Weekend

  20. Wow Olive!! You have an amazing home!Love your mantles too!! Hugs,Rachel ;)

  21. Melissa, fatlighter is old growth pine that has a lot of pitch (sap) in it and burns very hot and easily. It usually comes from the center of a log. It does not rot even if not painted and our house has no paint on it currently.

  22. Love the patina'd walls. I miss plaster. I miss that lath stuff underneath plaster. I miss big junks of plaster falling out when I would hammer in a nail. Oh, and the cool smoothness when you touch the walls. Drywall has nothing on plaster.

  23. Olive....I am just in love with these mantels. The masonary stars really got my attention on the first one and that mirror on the second one is devine!!


  24. Your home must look like one from a movie set! I love the old euro!
    10 Mantles! What a fun time Santa must have deciding which to come down!

  25. Oh my goodness!! I would love decorating 10 mantels.
    All of your mantels are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. I just HAVE to see MORE of this house!!!

  27. Ten? 10? TEN? Cinco times two???
    That is a lot of mantel love!
    Can't think of anyone
    who could love them more
    than you! Looking forward
    to seeing more....
    xx Suzanne

  28. These are beautiful. Wow, 10 mantels! It seems a bit sad that you can't use them, but decorating them must sure be fun.

  29. Oh my goodness...10 mantels! How wonderful. I know having an older house is a lot of work but it also has so many blessings. I'm in love with the mantels you have shown us. I adore the authentic chippiness and your decor. Beautiful!


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive