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Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye Little One




halloween fall 069-1

I watched a mindless zombie movie and that tag line above kept playing at the bottom of AMC’s screen.

I giggled every time.

And thought of my little zombie.

After today he is retired until next year.

Does a zombie look better under glass?

Goodbye little zombie.



grace surrounds us



  1. Oh I think everything looks better under glass. Cute Zombie. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  2. Perhaps that'll catch on like the 'keep calm and carry on' thing that's EVERYWHERE!!

    I think this is so much more catchy!!

  3. He wants OUT!!! He hates being under glass, tee hee hee... why can't he stay out till All Hallows Eve??? He wants to know that... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Olive,,
    thanks for visiting!
    i sit here watching the winds whip the leaves from my neighbor Ernie's 45 yr old Maple tree..
    depositing said leaves into my yard,..
    covering even more fallen apples..
    from his trees..
    the sky is dark as temps drop..
    snow is falling in the high country..
    hopefully all we get here in the city..
    will be RAIN!
    and I'm dreaming of home in Florida already..
    October is such a wonderful beachy month..
    as is November, and December!
    have a wonderful Monday!
    warm sandy hugs..

  5. LOL..You are so silly Olive!!! HUGS~ Rachel ;)

  6. He's not gonna be around for Halloween??? Cool shot:@)

  7. It's your zombie. he looks good under glass i assume he looks good without the glass. one problem, will he go after someone if the glass is gone? thanks for your comment on my post re age. having young people can help with age issue. rose

  8. He doesn't look any better under glass IMHO, but it does keep him from getting out and crawling under the sheets with you. =:0


  9. He's gotta stay out til his big night - Halloween............or is that why you are retiring him now, so he doesn't run amuck?

  10. Oh...I love that tag line. Is that for the new AMC series about zombies? Why retire your zombie so have a whole nother week? He does look great under glass.

  11. Nita-it's for the new zombie show.

    D.B. and Nita-I just cleaned the entire house and I put up all my holiday items as I dusted. It just seemed practical. We probably will not be here on Saturdy when the trick or treaters come by the house.

  12. One year I put a small nativity under glass and one of our girls said-
    "Mom, baby Jesus can't breathe!"

    Your the best Olive,


  13. Until next year Mr. Zombie. Maybe he will grow over the winter and need a bigger cloche.

  14. I love your little zombie...why is he leaving before Halloween? I also love all the beautiful things in your last post....I also am fond of estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores, but I never find such beautiful things for sale around here!

  15. Everything looks better under glass, even zombies.

  16. Hi Olive I saw that same movie ~ I gotta say, those flix freak me out. Im glad yours is small....and locked under glass:)


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