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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camelia and Daffodil Showing Off

Blooming now:


Thirty-nine of our fifty bulbs have emerged.

We have a friend who planted three hundred bulbs last year. 

Five bloomed.



I find the spent camelia blooms so soft and tattered.

Rather like vintage linens.

We also have quince and susan magnolia blooming.

Rain is forcast for the entire weekend so we have a break from this enormous landscaped yard.

Tomorrow we are getting up at o' dark thirty and are going to four estate sales.

We can hardly wait!

grace surrounds us


  1. Hi Olive,
    The daffs and camelia are wonderful!! You are ahead of me, I am still waiting, oh I am jealous of those estate sales, good luck!! Planted 300 bulbs... ouch on the hands!! and nothing to show for it, sad!!

  2. Olive,
    I miss the daffodils and lilacs the most - but I don't miss the weather. I don't think I have ever seen a camelia in person. They are exquisite. Have fun at the estate sales.


  3. I laughed at your 'Oops'!! When we first had our garden and I was a total beginner, I used to plant bulbs too shallowly and we lost quite a few that way. Yup, I learnt the hard way too!!


  4. Well, I just posted pictures of my two inch daffodil shoots and thought that was impressive. Actual daffodils are much prettier. Love the camelia pictures. Good luck at the estate sales.

  5. Hi Olive, oooh you lucky lady with those blooms!... your Daffodils are gorgeous and I love Camellias... hope you find some wonderful treasures at your estate sales!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. The daffoldils and camelias are beautiful...they last only a short while but since they are the first to bloom, they are so special.

    Have a great time at the estate sales!


  7. Beautiful pics-enjoy the flowers Olive! Have fun tomorrow, can't wait to see what you find:@)

  8. SO beautiful!
    Can't wait to hear about your finds at the sales.


  9. Gorgeous pics! I can't wait for spring to finally arrive up here in the North. I did see a bit of lawn poking out across the street, none yet here. Sounds like a lot of fun planned for tomorrow! Can't wait to see your treasures. Thanks for sharing those beautiful spring blooms.

  10. OK! Your daffodils are showing off! Great show off pictures too, Olive!

  11. I can only imagine 39 daffodils at once! How
    beatiful! Thank you for stopping by Flora Doora
    and commenting!

    Flora Doora

  12. Beautiful photos! I guess 39 out of 50 is not so bad. Have fun at the estate sales!

  13. Your flowers are so Gorgeous!!! Love your photos!
    Have a wonderful time at the estate sales!
    Nancy :D

  14. Oh my heavens Olive, your flowers are already giving you a grand performance! They are just lovely! Wish I were getting up early and heading to those estates sales with you! I think it would be so much fun!


  15. Beautiful photos, as always, Olive! Don't they look gorgeous, and I do agree with you about the faded camellia blooms. How exciting to be going to the Estate Sales. Hope you pick up some lovely bargains! Happy weekend to you and Joe.

  16. I had to buy my daffodils at the grocery store this week! It isn't quite time for blooms here yet. I look forward to seeing them soon in the neighbors' yards, though. Then I know that we're turning the corner and moving into spring time. I can't wait for warmer weather. Can't believe how many dud bulbs your poor neighbor had! wow....
    :-) Sue

  17. I am glad to know spring is somewhere...
    Good hunting

  18. Hi, not sure if you have seen my Outdoor Wednesday post yet, as I have not replied to comments yet? It is interesting that we both have daffodils out, but my camellias are not as advanced as yours are.
    Have a good weekend.

  19. Oh have fun at the estate sales, Olive! I look forward to seeing some fun stuff that you found. Daffodils are just wonderful and a sure sign of spring. My camellias LOVE your camellias! Ann

  20. I'm wondering if your friend planted her daffodil bulbs in peaty compost! Five doesn't sound a lot out of three hundred. Yours have done very well though, Olive, so they obviously like the soil they're growing in!

  21. Olive, oh, your blooms are wonderful! And your photography is just gorgeous.

  22. Hi Olive...

    My friend, I just seen your note that you left over at Gloria's (Happy To Be) and wanted to pop over to say hello! It has been way to long since we have visited, my friend! I see that you are keeping very busy! Ohhh my...your daffodils are lovely! And...your photos are just splendid!!! Ohhh...and I just adore Camelias!!! I don't know if they will grow in my region. We have daffodils as well, but I think it will be some time yet before they show! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring blooms with us...just breathtaking, my friend!

    Have a fabulous time at the estate sales...hope you finds some neat treasure finds!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  23. Wow, are you lucky with your bulbs. Must be doing something right! Love your pictures.
    Good luck with the estate sales. Don't you hate getting up at o'dark anything? Maybe you can find some cow horns.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  24. Oh you show off!!!
    Rubbing those beauties
    in my face! But, I
    love you, anyway!!
    Happy weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  25. Beautiful! I just love it when daffodils start popping up everywhere. They just bring so much sunshine in our lives. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, OLive....Christine

  26. Hope you find some good buys and I just love your photos. The daffodils are so beautiful.

  27. Olive,
    How wonderful!
    Our daffodil leaves are about an inch above the ground. Oh well. Better than still in the bulb!

  28. Keep the flower photos coming---all I can see is snow!

    And I had to laugh at your "o'dark thirty". I had a friend who called it "the butt crack of dawn"....loved that, too!

    Hope you found something good at the sales!

  29. Yeah for daffodils...they are like ground hogs...annoucing the arrival of Spring and the departure of Winter :) The o'dark thirty might not be that fun but I am sure that the estate sales will be! :)

  30. I just realized that I haven't seen any daffodils blooming yet. Your pictures are beautiful.


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