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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Pillowcases Mixed With New

Do you ever mix the old with the new?

I do.

It's fun

Two vintage pillowcases from an estate sale for twenty-five cents and a Tommy Hillfiger one not for twenty- five cents.

I think you can see which is which.

Flamingos  baby.

This one must have been washed over and over for thirty or more years as it is so soft and thin.

Notice I do not iron. This is our vacation house my darlings.

I bought half a dozen sets of pillowcases total that day.

I sleep with three pillows.

Joe needs two.

We are still in the dark, dark office and may be until 2014. That is how long it is taking to get wallpaper off the wall in the master bedroom of the yellow house.

Seriously, we have been gardening and doing strenuous yard work and will get back to boring wallpaper eventually.

I am linking with the thrifty Linda at A La Carte for Junkin Finds Friday.

grace surrounds us


  1. I love this post - the pillowcases are lovely. I sleep with 2 pillows - Don sometimes sleeps with 4!

    And sadly, I don't iron my pillowcases and we don't have a vacation house!


  2. I agree it is fun to mix the old and new and often do. As for the wallpaper stripping it can wait, fresh air is much more fun!

  3. Your pillows are making me sleepy... LoVe the FRESH-Like Spring prints...
    Jeanine, ChiPPY!-SHaBBy!

  4. I think they look lovely Olive!;) Very pretty!! Hugs,Rachel

  5. Olive,I love the old and the new!...and the heck with ironing too!(vacation home,lucky you)!
    I'm jealous!!!

    And I'm like you I'd rather be outside!!

  6. Fabulous post, Olive. I love very old, much washed bed linens. I also love how you mixed them with new. Gorgeous!

  7. Yes, I do love mixing old with new. You can't beat it! I absolutely love that last photo with the beautiful quilt.

  8. Cute pillow cases Olive, lovin' your great quilt:@)

  9. Hi Olive! Love love love the pretty pillowcases - old or new! Your bed looks mighty comfy!!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. I do have a thing for vintage cases...nothing like some of the details on them. Yours are very pretty.

  11. Girl, I need a pile of pillows too. And the softer the pillowcase, the better ... your mention of ironing made me smile because just yesterday while folding laundry, I thought about how we'd iron all our pillowcases when I was a kid. Of course it was my job ... but today, nothing could induce me to iron a pillowcase. Absolutely nothing. The mere notion makes me desire a nap.

  12. Like the pillowcases too, Olive. I think a bit of gardening wins hands down over stripping wall paper any day!

  13. Olive,
    Iron pillowcases??? I think not!
    I don't iron either, unless you count a touch up with my curling iron on a shirt while I am wearing it...that's my limit.
    Your pillowcases and bedding look so fresh and spring time-y. Inviting!

  14. I love vintage pillowcases. I like to keep them folded up in a basket for display. Most of them are embroidered and couldn't stand up to washings. Your pillowcases are very pretty, they remind me of spring! :-)


  15. I most definitely do. The flamingos make me smile...I have similar prints as the two vintage ones...

  16. I love your old and new pillows. Your room looks so comfy!

  17. Clovis!!!!

    Hi buddy, ol' pal!!!! How the heck are you doing?!! Is your mom serious - mix old and new?!?! Oh my whiskers - of course we do!!! All the time!!!! Of course, "she" prefers more old than new, but oh yes, the mixing gives everything the bestest look don't you think??

    I didn't realize I had been away so long, but reality smacked me right upside the tail when I saw your spiffy new blog header!!! Loving that barn! Maybe you and I could go exploring in it? What grand fun that would be yes? I know, the hawks and coyotes....but we could invite them with yes? I mean after all someone has to take the pictures!!!!

    In the meantime, I think I'm going to just lie down on that nice bed there and enjoy those vintage pillow cases that your Mom bought. It seems a very nice spot....zzzzzzzzzz



  18. Morning Olive....!

    LOVE your pillow cases....I'm a big fan of mixing old PC's with new too....!

    I SMILED OUT LOUD over Carol's comment & agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY....Though mind....I DON'T have a curling iron....I just don't iron FULL STOP....There are to many other things to do in the day thann stand behind an ironing board....hahahahaha....Having SAID that I do have a really NEATO collection of wooden ironing boards.... :o) !!!!!

    Have an AWESOME week Lovey & enjoy your garden....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  19. I love vintage pillowcases and linens so much that I have 2 dressers and a closet full of them. Crazy I know but I do use them! Love your sweet look of your room and I so feel for you about the wall paper thing. Last Feb I took down 2 layers of wallpaper from our dining room and thought I would never get it done! Now I have it done but can you believe I haven't painted yet!!!

    bee blessed

  20. I sleep with 3 pillows too for my back. It helps decrease some of my pain that goes down my left leg. Love the pillowcases!! All of them are stunning!!

  21. Your vintage pillow cases are amazing, much nicer than the new!

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Whoops! Started
    to leave you a
    comment and it
    went POOF ~ gone!
    I concur with the
    pillow love ~ and
    uber soft cases,
    no ironing!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: We belong to
    Direct Buy and our
    sofa was from there....
    Rowe is the manufacturer.
    Thanks for joining me
    for coffee on the
    squishy sofa!

  23. These are divine photos, Olive! Love your eye for style and the wonderfully comfortable home you're building with your finds.I adore the Log Cabin quilt and the funky straw hat on the glad I stopped by...:)

    Imagination Lane

  24. I love old pillowcases that are worn and soft. Of course I love love love Flamingos so that one would be mine also if I saw it! Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  25. Oh boy do I love old linens!! Yours look so soft and perfectly comfortable! Love this room! Love your name too *winks* Vanna

  26. Iron???


    Very nice! I love old bed linens, too!

  27. I love the look of worn linens- the patterns, the faded colors... And your silly flamingos are a hoot! Your straw hat on the bedpost looks so cozy! ~ Sue

  28. Great mix of vintage and new. Hard to tell which is which. ~~Sherry~~

  29. I love old linens too because they are so soft. Lovely photos and I couldn't pick out the Tommy Hilfiger one.

  30. I love vintage pillow case and, yes, I do mix old with new. Carol's comment cracked me up! I thought I was the only one who did that! As for ironing, I truly despise it and will avoid it at all costs! I would rather utilize the dryer for a quick "de-wrinkler."

    ~ Tracy

  31. Gorgeous pillow case Olive. What gorgeous flower shots. Now if only it would stop raining here for me to get outside and take some gorgeous spring pictures.

  32. I am seriously in love with your pillowcases. I love mixing old and new linens. I am a big fan of not ironing them. I think a bed should look inviting and soft and cuddley. I sleep with 2 or 3 pillows and love the end of the day when I can rest my head on them.


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