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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pink Dogwood Tree and A Legend

The pink dogwood tree is not as prevalent as the white dogwood but oh wow!

It stars in the landscape.

The pink tone on the petals is so soft and pretty.


This one we get to see from our deck, at the yellow house, as it belongs to our neighbors.

The legend of the dogwood tree is that it once grew tall and was used to make the cross of Jesus but after that time, the tree never grew tall and big again.

The bracts on the flowers resemble a cross and the cleft-like tears symbolize the nail marks of Crucifixion.

The dogwood tree normally blooms for two to three weeks in early spring  in the south east.

Sometimes you can see native white dogwoods growing in the woods but apparently they are becoming somewhat scarce in our area due to disease.

I am linking with Tracie at Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursday's.

I am very excited  to be linking with this garden party for the first time. I am spreading my party wings.
Thanks bunches Tracie for inviting me.

grace surrounds us


  1. Interesting legend of the Dogwood tree. The blooms are glorious!

  2. Those blooms are gorgeous. I haven't had any luck with dogwoods in the past, but that one is making me want to try again.

  3. Love the dogwood tree..thank you for the story behind the tree....chris

  4. Hi Olive, what a beautiful tree and interesting legend... those flowers are so gorgeous... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. They are so lovely. We don't have dogwoods here. Too warm I guess.

  6. really beautiful, your photographs due it great justice!

  7. This is beautifuk we don't have them in Australia, thanks for sharing:)

  8. Beautiful blooms! If you have a chance, come see what my yard looked like this morning!!


  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos Olive, and I love the photo at the very top of your Blog. That story about the Dogwood Tree and the Cross of Jesus was really interesting. I hadn't heard that before.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful photos Olive, and I love the yellow flowers one at the top of your Blog. I never knew that story about the Dogwood Tree and the Cross of Jesus, so I found that very interesting.

  11. Soooo beautiful! I'm feeling the most incredible spring fever. We have nothing "springing" yet in my neck of the woods so I'm soaking up all the beautiful flowers and trees in blogville. What a lovely thing to greet you each day that you're on your deck! My neighbors only share their noisey children *winks* Vanna Vanna

  12. Dogwoods are among my favorites! What beautiful photos you captured!

  13. Spreading your wings,
    indeed....These are
    so so pretty. I miss
    the southern dogwoods;
    We do have beautiful
    lilacs, though! {But
    not until May....sigh!}
    xx Suzanne

  14. This is so beautiful, Olive. I've heard the legend before. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Our dogwoods won't bloom for a few more weeks...maybe a month. The redbuds and wild plum are blooming in the woods, here at the lake.

  15. Olive, I love dogwood trees (white or pink), and I love the legend of them. Your photos are beautiful. laurie

  16. Ooooh your dogwood photos are marvelous, Olive. I took pictures of my dogwoods -- and wisteria and azalea -- today too! Happy spring!

  17. What a pretty tree, I would not mind one or two of those in my garden but I have never seen it here.

  18. Oh, these are lovely shots, Olive! The dogwood is our provincial flower here in B.C., but I've never actually seen it in the pink. It might be time I stopped by my local nursery...:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Imagination Lane

  19. The dogwood is such a pretty tree and such delicate looking blooms. They are in the woods and along the roadways here and there. Thanks for coming by to visit me. I am now following your lovely blog.

  20. These are a gorgeous color. All I have are the white ones. Your pictures are beautiful!I especially love that first shot.

  21. Oh the pictures are so wonderful. Full of color and clarity..beautiful blooms..well done!
    Happy Spring,

  22. Hi,

    These are beautiful pictures of beautiful trees. They don't do very well in my climate but I do have a little white one and it is just starting to bloom ~ poor thing it has had a struggle but refused to give up.

    I love your header with the Lady Banks rose...they really are wonderful and they seem to grow in a varity of situations. It's fun that we both have one.(-:

  23. You don't know how much I love it when I see a pink dogwood!!! I only know of one around here and it's 30 minutes away. How I wish I could see one from my yard!
    We have many wild dogwoods growing in our area and they are just stunning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Beautiful dogwood~ love the chartruese centers!
    Happy Spring Olive & thanks for stopping by!

  25. Oh Olive, those are just gorgeous! have a great weekend!

  26. OH Olive, your photos are beautiful! Can't wait for spring to arrive here!

  27. What a beautiful dogwood tree...they are one of my favs!!!


  28. There are Dogwood trees EVERYWHERE here but I have never seen a pink dogwood before! I think I might research buying one of these trees for my Mom for Mother's Day!

  29. These photos are so pretty Olive!
    I don't have any in my yard but was raised with white ones. My mother always told me those same stories of Jesus and the symbolism. Thanks for sharing~

  30. Awe - these photo's of your pink dogwood are gorgeous - we are a good month away from seeing flowers on our dogwoods & for me, i'm not sure i'll see my white ones this summer at all (i relocated my dogwoods in late winter to my backyard) Fantastic to see yours though! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's - i'm enjoying my Sunday morning (afternoon) peeking around these posts! xoox,tracie


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