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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silly Rabbit In a Cloche

Silly rabbit.

Under glass.

Goofing around.

It is time for Marty's Spring Cloche Party.

The window of light is lacking just that these cloudy days.

I put the blue and white collection in the window just for fun.

The egg is a recent estate sale find.

I should have put it in a cloche.

I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for the Spring Cloche Party.

Do visit her and the others for more objects under glass. Everything looks better under glass.

grace surrounds us


  1. The blue and white collection is gorgeous and looks great displayed together.

  2. Olive, that is an adorable little rabbit, looks precious under glass, like it's peeking out! I have to say it's so clever of you to put your beautiful blues by the window, what a delightful display!


  3. I love the blue and white, Olive. Your bunny under glass is so cute!

  4. They say our choice of figurines represent our own personalities, te he!!!! Ohhhh, and I love those hints of green thru your windows!
    love ya bunches,

  5. lOOKING the cute little rabbit! Happy Spring from Houston!!!!

  6. come out you silly rabbit- you will not be able to breathe. you are so darn cute!


  7. Oh Olive, your little rabbit is adorable! Your blue and white collection looks beautiful displayed in the window.

    Enjoy your evening,

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog--it is delightful and we share some similar interests. I love that old carpenter tool--I just gave my son his great-great grandfather's wooden plane about that vintage. And your little bunny is adorable so unadorned in the cloche surrounded by all that beautiful blue and white! Have a good weekend.

  9. Your bunny is such a cutie and I love the blue and white ceramics too especially the egg....Christine

  10. Beautiful that beautiful plate the cloche is sitting on..have a great weekend...Picket

  11. Your blue display looks so lovely and the bunny is so cute.

  12. Oh sheesh Olive, you may only have one cloche shown here but it's so adorable! And your blue and white is fabulous! And yes you should put that egg under a cloche! *winks* Vanna

  13. The silly rabbit is so cute. The egg you found at an estate sale is simply gorgeous!

  14. So cute. I love all of your blue and white. ~~Sherry~~

  15. So springy and fresh!
    LOVE your new sofa ~
    it's beautiful!!
    xx Suzanne

  16. That little rabbit is very cute!! I absolutely love all that blue & white china. I have quite a lot of that as well, AND my windows look like yours, with the deep window sills (ideal for displaying things) and the georgian type windows. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  17. He may be silly, but he is cute. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  18. Hi Olive...

    "Silly Rabbit"...Trix are for kids! Hehe! Sorry, my friend...I couldn't resist and I knew that you were old enough to remember that cereal and the commercials!

    Olive, I love your silly little rabbit's adorable! I also love that soft blue and white plate that you have it on...gorgeous! My dear, you have a lovely collection of blue and white glassware and it looks sooo pretty all grouped together at your window! By the way...I love your big ol' window ledge!!! Would love to have sills like that! I sooo enjoyed seeing your beautiful blues, my friend...thank you for sharing them with us!

    So glad that you stopped by for a visit yesterday! I sooo enjoyed your sweet note...thank you, Olive!

    Happy spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. That rabbit looks just as perfect under glass, Olive, as the blue-and-white looks perfect in the window.

  20. I had to laugh at that silly rabbit. I love all your blue and white.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  21. Oh your blue and white vignette is breathtaking, and I love your cloche with the cute little rabbit. Your egg is stunning. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  22. This is too funny!! I love it that you put your little rabbit under a cloche. You always brighten my day in one way or another.

    Here's a Big hug. *squeeze*


  23. Love the bunny in the cloche and the blue and white collection. Terrific!
    Have a wonderful week!

  24. Hi Olive, Your cloche with the bunny is adorable. You know I am a sucker for anything blue and white and yours is lovely.

  25. These are lovely shots, Olive! I adore all your blue and white, and the little rabbit is just precious under the cloche! You did a great job of ushering in spring!

    I did the Cloche Party last summer, but didn't know about this one. Oh, well...I can always visit even if I don't play along...:)



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