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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barn Door Tall Tale

This barn door has a story of a junking woman and a fine persistent man to tell. 
I do apologize for my grainy iPhone images. 

I  had seen the seven foot tall barn door with it's wonderful intact rusty hinges six days before and hesitated to buy it. I left the store thinking about it. I nearly called, Steve, the owner of the store on Monday last to give him a credit card number. But I held off. I had never purchased a barn door before. That gives one reason to think.

Then Donna @Distressed Donna Down Home (her post today is about our day) and I went to pick up some items from Warrenton, Georgia. On the way back we stopped by Steve's store, Uncle Junks, and the barn door was still there. I bought it. Wee. 

That was merely the beginning of the adventure. Joe was to pick the barn door up on the way to the yellow house. I called Steve but he forgot and closed early. Joe, not being one to give up, found someone to give loose directions to Steve's house. Joe drives far out into the countryside in the dark on a dirt road. He stops and asks an elderly couple, sitting on a porch, if he was going the right way. They didn't know but they get their grandson to assist in the search. 

The young man hops in Joe's truck. The two of them go to another house. It was the wrong house. Again. But the dear lady there made some phone calls for Joe. Small towns are cool. Yes? Eventually they located Steve's house. I am sure he was surprised by Joe's persistence but he drove back to the store and loaded the barn door into Joe's truck.

You see yet another reason why I married Joe.

I may or may not be banned from Steve's store.

Many thanks to Steve and Joe.

Lastly, this is the five foot long star made from barn wood I picked up in Warrenton @ Mimi T's. It was too large to fit in the Jeep so we tied it to the roof, mostly, with ribbon. Joe looked at that ribbon and raised his eyebrows. I simply said "girl power."

Thanks Holly from Mimi T's.

I'll show the star again soon. 
Hanging in our living room.
 If the barn door is still in our booth I will try for better images.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. The door is even more beautiful on this side! The tale was worth the price of the door. Can't wait to see the star!

    1. Joe turned it to the "Z" side and after what he went through I was not about to tell him to turn it around.

  2. I just found you through Donna's blog and am now following you via GFC!
    LOVE that barn door...I just got one that's similar! (Great minds :)

  3. Love, Love, Love that barn door . . . What a great find! I like the star too!

  4. I'm thinking long and hard whether I love the barn door more or the idea of a wonderful man like Joe.
    Both complete treasures of different sorts!

  5. That's a GREAT looking barn door!

  6. I have no place for the barn door, but I love it anyway - love your story too :-)

  7. Are you selling that wonderful old barn door?! It looks so pretty with the Christmas basket hanging on it, but at 7 1/2 feet tall, you'd have to have a special place for it, I suppose.

  8. What a cute story and I love that barn door. Hugs, marty

  9. Oooh Olive!... I love love love your barn door and the tale of how it came to be yours!... your Joe is so adorable to do all of that for you!... and yes, small towns are the best!... love the friendly people who helped you.. so happy for you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. I love, love, that door! It was worth the wait! Blessings!

  11. I could not have passed up that beautiful barn door and would have had to go back for it too! What a story! Your Joe is one heck of a guy! Coming over from Donna's blog and folowing you now via GFC so I can keep up with you too and your adventures!

  12. Love, love, love the barn door! That's just what I want to get for my space!

  13. That is funny! Joe is Mr. Persistent! Good job on getting the star home. Who needs bungee cords when you have ribbons!

  14. Fabulous barn door!!! It sure wouldn't last in our shop very long.
    Mary Alice

  15. Hi Olive. Wow! Isn't that barn door fantastic. Well, Joe certainly deserves ten out of ten for perseverance.l What a keeper he is! Look forward to seeing more photos of the star.

  16. Love the door and Uncle Junk's. I used to go on my way to Augusta quite often. Need to make that trip again. Great post.

  17. Great story of the barn door! I thought you were buying it for your home, not your store. Darn! I wanted to see where you were going to put it in your house and how it'd look. :-)

  18. A great barn door Olive, and your Joe is a treasure.

  19. A good man is worth his weight in chocolate...go Joe!!

  20. The barn door is such a great find! And give that man an extra hug for being so sweet!


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