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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gallery Wall Part Two

Building a gallery wall is a little bit like having the measles.
 It's infectious.
The pictures are spreading rapidly around this corner.

I picked up the two small vintage frames, to fill the empty frame, on Saturday at a junk shop.

These two pictures were added to the right wall recently.
 I framed the one on the left myself. 
I picked up that pretty gold frame (it had an ugly picture inside it) 
and knew it would work with that oil painting I had had for some time.
  Always keep your eye open for frames regardless of what is in them.

Stay tuned as I have blank wall space on the right corner wall.

To see the Gallery Wall Part One click here.

I am on a mini vacation and am blogging from a fast food chain.
 Having problems too.
 I lost an entire post.

I hope you are having a terrific week.

joy and peace


  1. Love your gallery, I am slowly getting back to visitng my lovely bloggy friends, hope you are well. :)

  2. Your wall is looking great! Love the big open frame with the smaller ones inside. Have a great mini vacation.


  3. Beautiful job! I love gallery walls. What's this about a mini vacation? :-)

  4. Always love lots of stuff on the wall - you should see my bedroom. ;) The painting with the pink roses reminds me of one my Grandma K had.

  5. You can have a gallery room then. I like that big frame on top with the two frames inside it. Have fun on your vacation!

  6. It's great that you're taking a mini-vacation! Your post is proof to me that I can ignore my husband's plea of "But don't we already have enough stuff on the walls?" I'll just tell him what Olive does!

  7. Your gallery wall looks FABULOUS it!!

  8. I love it, Olive! They do have a tendency to grow!!


    1. I have many, many old frames . . . wish you were next door. Great Wall of frames!

  9. A gallery wall, eh. I have one of those and didn't know it has a name. Yours is lovely.

  10. Love your gallery wall. I have a gallery of family pics with a few other things... I hope to do some type of gallery wall up my stairs.. I got two great frames at a local auction the other night... love frames...I agree with you. You can do so much with them. Have a great week. Blessings!

  11. I know exactly what you mean about taking over Olive ....... I have a couple of walls that I just keep filling up with pictures and frames !!!!
    Yours looks wonderful .... and keep on adding to it ! XXXX

  12. I like your gallery wall! It's full of interesting pictures and frames. You're right about keeping a look out for good frames even if you don't like the picture. Sometimes, the frame is the best part!

  13. I started a gallery wall, and found it's a lot harder than I thought to keep it random looking. Your wall is coming along nicely!

  14. Your gallery wall is looking good! I know what you mean about the addictiveness of it.
    Mary Alice

  15. I LOVE this Olive!!! I have a wall that I want to do this on---do you wanna come help me???? :))
    sending hugs....

  16. Frames are so fun to collect. I just bought up a bunch at an auction for a buck-a-piece!
    Have fun on your mini vacation. I hope you are eating fries with this wi-fi!

  17. Your gallery wall is great! and you are so right about them being contagious..I have almost filled all the walls in my house with them...I am serious...should do a gallery wall tour sometimes...I need an intervention..LOL enjoy your time away..
    Love, Mona

  18. Olive, I love the gallery wall. I am an art nut. I love having beautiful picture on the walls. I like seeing family photo walls also. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. send hugs to CC for me.

  19. I also like your gallery wall since I just finished mine for now anyway

    glad your procedure went well what ever it was

  20. I love gallery walls! Yours is looking good! It can be addicting to keep adding to them, but I guess that's the great thing about them ~ you can.

  21. Your gallery wall is so pretty Olive!... I would love to do the same, but don't have an empty wall... xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Olive, your gallery wall is stunning. I much prefer paintings hung in groups if possible.

  23. Olive,
    you're doing a great job on your gallery wall! It's amazing the good looking frames you can pick up for cheap especially if you disregard the ugly artwork they sometimes have inside!

  24. I love your gallery walls. You always have the the best frames and display them very creatively.


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