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Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Challenge: Red

The Friday Photo Challenge at Razmataz is Red.

I had to go looking for red as we do not have much in our houses.

We found a couple of red things at garage sales on Saturday.

I never buy things just for the blog.

Both will be put to use.

fair 026-1

A handmade toolbox which is red and rustic.

fair 031

An anchor which is a more muted red and will live somewhere in the flower garden I think.

fair 024-1

Later in the day Saturday we went to the fair and I took many photos which I will share later.

The Twinkie sign was very very red.

I just noticed that they are fried. Oh my goodness!

We do not eat fair food.

We walk around and stare at people and watch teenagers flip upside down on those worrisome rides.

Nerds. R. Us.

Please visit Chania for more reds.

grace surrounds us



  1. Just when you think a Twinkie couldn't get any more fattening, someone has to deep fry it. I will you, I stay away from fair food.

    I love that photo of the tool box and the way you honed in on the handle. It makes me want to see more.

  2. I'm so jealous of that toolbox. It looks gorgeous.

    I love red. I've used it as an accent colour quite a lot. I find it lovely and warm with the muted greys I love.

  3. Razmataz said it well, it was the same photo I like. The gone through life depicted so well.

  4. "Fried-Twinkies"????? ~ Now that's thinking outside of the box... Just Wild Olive!!!

    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  5. Beautiful shots, Olive! I'm off to the flea market in an hour, I'll be honing in on red now.......

  6. Hello Olive... I think that red anchor will look great in your garden! I don't eat fair food either, infact, I have not been to our State Fair in so many years... too commercial these days...not all the animals and homemade pickles and such from years gone by... so sad... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. i have heard of these "fried twinkies"...sounds terrible (in a kinda good way). love your photos!

  8. Twinkies that are fried???? Oh boy. I wouldn't be eating them either!


  9. These are GREAT images!
    Love the food cart one, that one is so vibrant.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. There is something about fair food that makes me indulge...probably that it IS all fried! lol!!

    Love your reds, especially the anchor. It will make a great pop of color in your garden!


  11. Oh, I love all your red photos--they're fantastic!!! And how funny about the Twinkie! Luckily, I'm a "chocolate" person so I never wanted them.
    I guess that was a good thing, huh?

    How are you doing? Great, I hope!!! I just wanted to come over and say "hi" and see what you were up to...Always treasures on here!!!

  12. I was thinking about the fried Twinkies pic too, Olive. We don't as far as I know have Twinkies over here. What are they?

  13. After thinking of red all morning, I have nothing more to offer than to wish you a wonderful weekend doing some more treasure hunting. : D

    BIG hugs


  14. Molly-Twinkies are yellow cakes stuffed with white cream frosting like stuff. Not expensive and yucky to me. People do not normally fry them but buy them in a box. I have not had one in many years. They could properly be labeled junk food. My daughter said you could get all kinds of candy bars and cookies and such deep fried at the fair.

  15. Olive, I've heard of all this deep-fried food, but have never had a taste of it. I can't imagine what a Twinkie looks like after it comes out of the fryer. Your photos are lovely and I particularily like that anchor. It will be the perfect compliment to your garden. Ann

  16. Love your RED taken POINT AND SHOOT KODAK EASYSHARE CAMERA!...I need a new camera,thinking about getting one, are you happy with it and is it really easy to use,which is what I'll have to have,I'm not real savy or high tech.

  17. I loved going to fairs when I was younger. They are overpriced ,and like you said no healthy food. Ours here just ended, but I did not go.

  18. Love both the toolbox and the anchor - great finds.

  19. Olive, great examples of red. I especially love that red box!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kat :)

  20. Funny, we go to
    the State Fair with
    the express purpose
    of eating junk that
    we only allow ourselves
    one time per year!!
    Everything at the MN
    State Fair is "on a
    stick," even mac and cheese!
    Love all of your red.
    The tool box is adorable.
    Happy Weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  21. Hi Olive, I am so laughing at your food comments--I had lunch at the local state fair last month and got real, severe food poisoning! And my daughter was in Europe recently, where the latest delicious food was deep fried milky way bars. At least it's not just in the US! Love the red toolbox. Linda

  22. you did well considering you said that red wasn't a common color in your home. love the sign. rose

  23. Oh... that tool box is fantastic!!!


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive