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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fancy’s Porch

My friend and neighbor, Fancy, has a Sun Porch with sixteen windows.

It is painted a soft grey with white trim thereby showing off all of those windows.

Fancy fancies wicker. In a big way. I counted fourteen pieces. I may not have counted all of it. Some is vintage and some is reproduction.

Her grown daughter lives with her and recently did not notice a vintage piece Fancy purchased.

It is hiding in plain sight!

Fancy’s friend, I shall call her Social Butterfly, asked me to intervene and stop Fancy from buying more wicker.


I am the last girlfriend on the block to tell a gal to stop shopping!!!

Especially for Vintage.

fancy's porch june 2010 004

fancy's porch june 2010 008

fancy's porch june 2010 011

Fancy  often takes naps on the little wicker bed. Looks like a delightful place to dream.fancy's porch june 2010 006

Fancy has literally hundreds of pieces of blue and white china and ginger jars. She also has some stunning European pieces of pottery.fancy's porch june 2010 013

She and her family are from Peru. The mirror  is Peruvian. fancy's porch june 2010 012

These mirrors are lovely and are all over Fancy’s house in several shapes and sizes.

When her sister visits Peru next I might ask her to buy me a few. 

fancy's porch june 2010 009A tranquil white, blue and pastel Sun Porch composed by the sweetest and kindest person. It reflects her spirit. Light and cheerful.

Thank You Fancy.

P. S. Fancy had no warning I was going to take these photographs.

grace surrounds us



  1. There is something about white wicker that makes me start to breath heavy and break out in a sweat. it's been a bone of contention between my husband and I for years. He's finally given up, because I wouldn't.
    I found myself trying to count the pieces. the daybead is swoonworthy. Love those gray walls!

  2. What a wonderful room to hang out in and to nap on that bed. Just gorgeous.

  3. An impressive wicker collection, and a breathtaking room. I'd love to nap there. Fancy certainly lives up to her name.

  4. Windows and wicker...two of my favorite things. Beautiful!

  5. Love white wicker. I only have one piece - a vintage rocker - and I adore it. Fancy's collection is beautiful!



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