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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Vintage Scale

It should be no secret after this post that I hang out at Farmer’s Market’s.

The last one I posted about was fancy and dressed up. This one is a country market.

It had many back-yard gardeners participating.

Nothing fancy here. Wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful.

Look at this vintage scale with natural woven basket.north harris st. s.ville june 2010 008

I told the grower that I wanted it! Can’t you see it in my kitchen?

He just grinned. No really, it’s swell that it is still used for it’s original purpose.

I bought patty-pan squash. I had never cooked it before. A little olive oil and Vidalia Onions with the thinly sliced squash was tasty. Very like yellow squash. The patty-pans look like tiny space ships!north harris st. s.ville june 2010 007

Georgia Peaches. Peach Pie anyone?north harris st. s.ville june 2010 004

Watermelons were in abundance. Joe and I have already eaten a couple of delicious melons. Yummy.north harris st. s.ville june 2010 003

The man who had the vintage scale was in the hallway of our church on Sunday morning. I knew he looked familiar.

He winked at me. He knows I want his scale!

grace surrounds us



  1. patty pan squash just sounds fun! who wouldn't want to eat something with such a cute name? and the fact that it looks like a spaceship...bonus!!

  2. I've not had any melon yet this summer. Those look so good! Nothing like ice cold watermelon on a hot day, and we've had plenty of those. I want that scale too but no weigh I'm getting it.

  3. Wow Olive Cooper, those are some great goodies!! Well, maybe your wink will do the job!! Hope so!


  4. That scale IS perfection!!! I'd want it, too!
    Had my first lovely canteloupe and watermelon
    of the season the last two mornings at my B&B here in Savannah. We won't have them until much later in the summmer back at home, so it was a special treat!
    xx Suzanne

  5. I don't think I've ever had patty pan squash before, but then I'm not a big squash eater anyway. But the fruit? Most definitely - yum!

  6. You tell that man that if was a good Christian he'd give you that scale. ;-)

    You've made me crave watermelons now!

  7. I would love to have a vintage scale like that one too! And I would really love to have some of those fresh Georgia peaches...yum!!

    Kat :)

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those white flying saucers!!! I don't see them around here and could never find the thanks so much to you I KNOW!

    A big thank you too for stopping by my blog for a visit - we always love company!

    Have a great day!

    Romeo and "her"


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