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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yard Sale Part Two

It’s over! We crept down the hill at six O’clock and put out all that stuff.

The good part was our friends. They are happy, cheerful, and helpful. Not to mention generous. I will  show you in a second!

Joe said we had on average nine cars parked on the street the whole morning. It was pretty steady.yard sale june 2010 001 Here’s Joe in his fishing hat. He does not fish. He is cute. Be still my heart.yard sale june 2010 002

SOME of my wares. I was trying to display my stuff in a nice fashion. That lasted for a nanosecond.yard sale june 2010 006

Our neighbors had these horns from a longhorn  bull. How about these in your dining room? They did not sell.yard sale june 2010 009

The sweetie on the right, I call her Fancy because she is very fancy in all things, hosted this sale in her shady yard. Bless her.yard sale june 2010 010

This is Fancy’s daughter, gorgeous I know. She was selling jeans size zero. It’s okay to hate her cause I already told her!yard sale june 2010 008

Okay the generous part is this:yard sale june 2010 013

Fancy gave me this bird feeder because it was rusty. She doesn’t like rust. Well all righty then. I said I could do something with it.  It is five feet tall and weighs about thirty pounds!

It now  sits right by our side door. Rust and all.

grace surrounds us



  1. I smiled at the part about trying to display your wares! You are right, once the folks start arriving, all displays go out the window as the pawing begins! Hope it was successful for you and that the heat wasn't too oppressive. Looks like a wonderful group all pitching in! And, I love your new bird feeder, rust and all. You could leave it that way, OR, get out the Rustoleum and go to town with some really great color ~ even white. Rest up tonight from all of your labors!
    xx Suzanne

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
    It meant the world to me-
    You are a garage selling gal!

    I love that bird house!

    White Spray Paint

  3. Having a sale like that is always tiring! Hope you sold a lot. The birdhouse is fabulous!


  4. Maybe you had a heatstroke and just didn't know it. Painting in that heat? I used to love it hot and I'd bake in the sun like a complete ninny. I'm over that. Give me some shade and a lemonade! Hope your sale was a good one!


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