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Thursday, June 17, 2010

This House is Solid

The old house has a ginormous central hall. Originally the front door looked directly onto the back door.

Then some one, not so bright, decided to put the bathroom at the end of the hall where the back door was located.

This blocked the breeze flowing down the hall. This bath is stuffy and poorly constructed with a false ceiling.

When CC and I moved here some years ago it required gradual adjustment to this old house.

Pre-teens do not adjust well. It’s that simple or not.

This house is solid. If you are on one side you cannot hear what is happening on the other. A loud homicide could occur and you could miss it.

We actually call each other on our cell phones if we need something. Modern Intercom.

When CC took one of her first showers, apparently it was a long one, I just happened into the central hall.

She was screaming. Homicide  in progress?

I went in. In the shower with my child were no less than fifteen rather large spiders!!!

Pre-teen, taking a really hot shower for gee about thirty minutes…she steamed them right out of the walls. Dear Lord.

It was kind of  like a TV movie except I had to deal with the screamer and the spiders!

Forty somethings don’t adjust well either.

grace surrounds us



  1. My heart is racing, just imagining this ordeal. It is sort of funny though, they were probably scared as well. Makes me think of the time we lived in San Antonio and Aly was a newborn and I came in her room and a scorpion was on the wall just above her crib. I freaked. It was a rental and we moved in just a few weeks. horrible. and I hate spiders!

  2. That is a funny story, only because my daughter is at that looooong shower stage! Although spiders don't scare HER, they do scare moi!
    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My sister-in-law's b-day is also on Flag Day. And, you are 1962, just the same as a blogger who is very near and dear to my heart. {Very near!} Looks like you enjoyed every minute, too. Don't know what looks yummier, the noodles or the love between you and your family. Both wonderful!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Haha I remember that. It was terrible!


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