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Monday, June 7, 2010

Put the Brakes On!

2010 winterspring 088 This is Joe, giving me a kiss! One of his favorite occupations. I am truly blessed.

The brakes on his pick up truck gave out Friday. He fixes his own brakes which means I am called to assist at the end of the process.

I am completely clueless about cars. I can shock a human heart but change a tire…not so much.

Last night in total darkness at the old house, when the vampire mosquitoes were after us, Joe was under the truck.

He asked me to press down on the brake and then let up. I was to call out when done.

I did this many times while scratching  mosquito bites vigorously, dressed in my thin summer pajamas.

Then……he was mumbling and such.


Joe spoke out and said something was wrong.

He stood up and peered in the truck.

He said, “Olive you are pumping the gas not the brake. No wonder they are not working!”

I am an awesome helper. Yes?

grace surrounds us



  1. Oh Olive, that is hysterical! Why yes, you were a good helper, how good, that's Joe's call!! Great post! Love the photograph!


  2. Nancy, thanks for the comment. I always wonder if my crazy mishaps will be story worthy or not:-}

  3. So funny!

    Hey, the brakes aren't working on my husband's car - maybe your guy can help????


  4. Why, yes! You ARE an awesome helper!
    And y'all are just too stinkin' cute in that mushy picture, too! :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Claudia, he would except we are in Georgia and South Carolina depending on the day of the week!

  6. That picture says it all. You two are such sweet love birds.....even if you don't push on the right pedals! Happy Monday to you!
    xx Suzanne

  7. My Dad's a former mechanic and when us kids were little (like 8 or 9) he used to have us sit in the cars he was working on and press the pedals for him. I'm sure I would have pressed the wrong ones before too!

  8. Kristine, I am forty years older than you were then! Seems like I could do better as I have been driving since I was thirteen.

  9. I came by earlier, but blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment. This story made me think about my Dad. He restored antique cars, the really old ones from the teens and twenties. He'd have me help, but I just wasn't into it, unless it was driving them! Ugh, no power steering, though! Love the photo of you two cuties!
    love ya,

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You're immensely fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship.


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