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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends, Lunch, Ramblings

Lunch, yesterday was here at the Enterprise Mill in Augusta, Georgia.enterprise mill june2010 054 

It is a large structure, sitting on the Augusta Canal, and has been restored for mixed use. My retirees association has it’s luncheons here every three months. I wish my camera could take a picture of the floors for they are naturally distressed and wonderful. There are businesses, apartments, and happily a new cafe.enterprise mill june2010 044

Turbinesenterprise mill june2010 045

These photos do not convey how large this equipment really is. The smoke stack is tall and imposing. When I took the photo of the window I captured it’s reflection. Totally unplanned. I don’t know how to do things like that. Serendipity.enterprise mill june2010 057

enterprise mill june2010 056

Joe and I found a kiln in the park.  The kiln is rusty and primitive. I like it.enterprise mill june2010 052 enterprise mill june2010 051

At lunch we sat with this couple! It has made my week! I was so excited to see them. She retired last December from the Family Medicine section which I worked with for four years.  She has a dry sense of humor I appreciate bunches. I wish for them the best of times. They have two precious grandchildren they plan on spending a vast amount of their time with. Yah!enterprise mill june2010 040.

Oh my goodness! That I get to see them more often just makes me smile.

grace surrounds us



  1. I love the name of your blog! Great photos! Have a beautiful day! ~lulu

  2. Thanks LuLu. You have had an exciting week and I am so happy for you!

  3. I love places like this. Old structures and architechture. Great to meet old friends and just visit. Had I told you that we used to live in Marietta?...many years ago, whew, about 24 to be exact. I love Georgia so much and we weren't there near long enough. Job transfer back up here home. OK, I'm wanting to see those new chairs!
    love ya bunches,

  4. Oh my Debra, I have pounds of trouble taking inside photos. Maybe I'll put them in the flower garden and taken a pic!

  5. What a very cool building. Sounds like you had a great day its always so nice spending days with friends.

  6. It was a great day and time seeing people we had not seen for so long.

    Indoor photos need a longer exposure time that most common, family use digital cameras do not have. Find one that allows manual settings and then play with it.

    I like the image of the reflected chimney. It has character and interest. One of my art (photography) teachers told me to look for the character. Don't worry about how to do it. Photography is just abstract art anyway.

    Great seeing y'all again.

  7. Bill, thanks for the advise and the comment.

  8. Every time I see your cute picture I cannot believe that you are retired! You must have taken super-duper-EARLY retirement! Looks like a very cool place to have lunch ~ the camera obviously loved it, too! xx Suzanne


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