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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Green Shutters

  We have original shutters from our old house. 
They are chippy. 
Blue green and beautiful.

Joe cleaned these with a brush because they were covered in cob webs and spiders.
 I did not touch them. 
Call me chicken.

The piece of equipment above is on the post of the shed the shutters were stored in.
 Do you see the wolf spider holes?
There is an area right now in Australia covered in these webs because of flooding.
 Barns, fields, and trees appear snow covered because of wolf spiders.
 It really is beneficial as the spiders will eat the insects that multiple due
 to the water but I would have to move. 
Every shed we own looks like that image above and also
 the upstairs of our house which is not in use. 
A squirrel is running around up there as I type this.
 It is not boring here.

I leave you with a shot I zoomed in on from the back of Joe's truck. 
The filter is Window in Photoscape.
Now I am off to sell some shutters, old windows and a truck full of junk. 
Thursday's are fun.

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  1. Oh, I do so love those shutters, Olive. Joe did a really good job of cleaning them off. I don't blame you for being a cowardy-custard. I don't like spiders at all! I see that you have been having some fun with Photoscape again.I also liked the photo with the old nails coming out of the wood. It's surprising how things can make really good photos, isn't it, and you obviously have a good eye for this!

  2. Really wonderful photos. I especially like the last one of the latch. And thank Goodness for brave husbands!

  3. The shutters are gorgeous, I would not sell them. Love your blossom, isn't is lovely to see it blooming again?

  4. I hate spiders! eeekkk!

    Love the shutters, the one on my Garden cottage i painted white but the climbing rose has rubbed against it and now the old green paint is peeking though...I kinda love it.

  5. I kill spiders with my hand except black widows I use my shoe. We don't have wolf spiders here. Scary. Those shutters are gorgeous.

  6. I read about the spiders in Australia this morning, Fascinating, but I was a little creeped out. We rarely see spiders here but up in Michigan I get a few "interesting" ones. Love the old shutters!


  7. I've never seen spider holes before. The things you learn from blogs! The shudders are wonderful! ~ Maureen

  8. Love those shutters Olive! Heard about those spiders in Australia. OMG. I would be outta there! Ann

  9. When we moved in, a few years back, we had a spider and centipede problem!

    It kept me awake at night. Stupid, I know, but bugs freak me out!


  10. Oh those shutters are wonderful! Your pictures are wonderful...I love all the rusted pretty!

  11. Love the shutters.My husband rescued some old shutters like this last summer and has made some doors for a storage area!

  12. Olive,
    The shutters are wonderful. As are all the other textures in the old wood.....except for the cobwebs, and it is so creepy that wolf spiders make such holes.
    Spiders and crawly things. Yuck.

  13. Love the shutters; hope you have a successful day. I was bit by a spider once. The details are awful and I don't go where they are now.

  14. I do love your chippy shutters. Such a pretty color. Have you named your squirrel at least?

  15. Have fun - I want to buy junk but I am working hard at refraining...

  16. Those shutters have the most yummy blue color.
    Mary Alice

  17. Oh my heart, I LOVE those shutters.
    Spiders give me the shuDDers; never heard of "wolf" spiders though. Yikes.


  18. I love old shutters. I pt old ones on my newly sided cottage because it looked too new.

  19. I don't know, Olive. Any spider that makes holes that big in wood would find me miles away! I have no idea what a wolf spider is {I will have to look it up now} but I hate spiders in general. When we moved in to our new place, because it had been empty for about 5 months, I kept finding spiders around. I remember one night, I checked our bed before getting in, went to the bathroom quick and when I came back, there was a spider right where I'd plant my butt and I had just seconds before checked it! I leave spiders to the hubby; a vacant cobweb I can deal with!

  20. Girls, you would just have to see these shutters to believe how absolutely chippy, shabby, chiccy they real are! I'm in line for one!

  21. These shots are fabulous Olive.

    The paint on the back porch shutters is very similar to yours. Jim found them in a stack for sale along a country road. They are from one of the old houses in St Louis.

  22. OMG! Really? You have a room upstairs that looks like that? I am such a scaredy cat of spiders. Especially those big wolf spiders. I can't even get the nerve up to step on them for fear that I'll feel them. Love your old shutters though. Those should sell quickly since they're such a hot item right now.

  23. spiders? I now have goose bumps. I think they are way too smart, and devise plans to take over the universe...yuck!

  24. Those shutters look perfectly chippy. Great color. We have a bunch of big spiders come out in the fall. They have really cool webs that look like have zippers in them.

  25. Olive your shutters are divine! Such perfect patina! This post could be titled "shutters and shudders" because I've got the heebies over all those wolf spiders. I actually appreciate and respect spiders...just NOT in my house! *shudders again* Vanna

  26. wish i could have followed you to wherever you planned to sell those shutters!
    you're a very talented photographer! i love your perspective.


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