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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Blogging At The Goodwill Cafe

Sitting here at the Goodwill Cafe eating a BLT sandwich
 and wishing my internet device to arrive this week.
What was stated to be "overnight" delivery is actually "priority mail" which can be three days.

I should have stayed in my dark cave of a room and slept all day yesterday.

But facing the day is always what I must do. 
Yesterday I hurt my right shoulder working in the garden. 
My doctor would not call in a medicine I use routinely because my labs were not in my file.
 I had them drawn in February. It was one of those let's bang our head against a wall moments.
By 5pm it was sorted out but I was exhausted from phone calls and waiting on the "overnight" package that was not to arrive.

I cannot sit here for long because of the shoulder pain and maybe if I am home the package might arrive. If I hold my breath and the planets align.

Thanks to all of you for your comments about my hastily arranged cloches despite my inability to comment.

joy and peace


  1. Hope your shoulder and internet device problems all resolve themselves quickly. Your 'dark cave' looks very inviting.

  2. Olive, I'm sorry that you hurt your shoulder. That's no fun. Hopefully, you'll get your internet thingy today. Take care,

  3. Your shoulder sounds really painful, Olive. Hope it's better soon. Also your internet, that must be a pain in itself.

  4. I guess i missed how you hurt your arm darn it anyway

    I hate pain because I don't handle it at all, low pain tolerance

    I can't even imagine what a Goodwill store with a little restaurant looks like so chic, the rats wouldn't see at our local store LOL

    hope you mend quickly

  5. Girly -- hoping that shoulder is feeling better AND your internet is back -- what a PAIN!!

    Take gentle care :)


  6. I'm sorry Olive to hear about your shoulder:( Be well soon.

  7. Hope you shoulder gets better REAL SOON!!! Gardening can be painful fun! I was just out there cleaning up too... AND good luck for your internet...LOVE your little Comfy Room. It looks SO inviting!
    Big Healing Gentle Hugs,

  8. Olive, I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder but I sure hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. I've been wondering about your connection; I checked in early today to see if you were 'here' yet, and figured that "no news" was n-o-t "good news". Hope it's resolved soon. And your shoulder? Oh dear, please take care of yourself.

  10. Hope all is well by day's end; otherwise, it will just be tomorrow.

  11. Oh Olive...I know that pain. I had it a couple of years ago...I blogged about it. It took me 3 days to even get a doctor to see me. I was writhing....I hope you get relief soon!

  12. I hope you are feeling better soon and that your internet is up and running shortly. Have a great day!!

  13. I hope you get back online soon and that your shoulder heals! We miss you! ♥

  14. Oh no, doesn't sound like a good day. I'm sorry! Sure hope you get relief from your pain soooon and that the internet device arrives. My household goes crazy when the internet is down. I'm now part of the craziness since I started blogging. :-)
    Mary Alice

  15. Hi Olive, hope your shoulder is better and your internet is fixed soon... a BLT sounds yummy!... miss you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Hope the planets aligned for you. It's hard to live nowadays without a good dose of the internet each day.

  17. I'm sorry - things sound kind of funky in your neck of the woods. I am so tired that I cannot stand the thought of noise and my girls just aren't understanding that right now...

    I'll crawl into your cave for you!!

  18. I have never even heard of a Goodwill cafe. Hope your shoulder is better and that dreaded package has arrived by the time you read this.

  19. Hope your shoulder gets better soon, I know it's extra frustrating to be hurting when there's so much we want to do outside. Take care:@)

  20. Poor Olive,
    I hope you feel better soon,and get your internet thingy going.
    If I had a cave like that ....
    why come out?!?

  21. So sorry you are in pain, Olive! Hoping you are feeling better and recovering quickly.

  22. I hope you received your internet device today. It's awful having to wait for something...much like waiting for a car to be repaired!
    Ouch, your shoulder sounds very uncomfortable. That is not much fun at all.
    I hope the rest of the week is much better for you.

  23. Miss Olive- I hope everything gets rectified-
    Shoulder pain is the hardest kind.

    Love to you and blessings,


  24. Which pain is the worst...your shoulder or the pain-in-the-butt waiting? Hopefully, both will be right as rain in the next day or two.
    P.S. I do love BLT's!

  25. Oh dear poor you, pain and internet withdrawal not good. Hope you and the connection is sorted out very soon.

  26. Hope the shoulder is now better... your bedroom looks like a soothing place to take a nap. Don't you just love naps?? I do. :-)


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