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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red Camellias

I am ready for some pretty flowers today.
How about you?
Yesterday I baked five dozen cookies and cut grass with the push mower.
It is marvelous exercise after eating cookies. 
The cookies are for the teens who will be here tomorrow.

I hope you do not tire of the bar. 
Turns out it is my photo lab. 
Who knew?

If you look closely you will see that these camellias are the variegated kind
This is a young plant with small blooms at this point.
Camellias are slowing growing.


These pink camellias are from last week and I am charmed by their faded beauty. 
I tossed them.
Must make room on the cake stand for all those cookies.

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joy and peace


  1. You will need lots of goodies for the gals that are coming. You are in my prayers.

    Lovely flowers, I have seen red and white but never pink.

    I too was in the yard sewing grass seed. I see the carpenter bees are out, this is way to early for them. Have to battle with them, they are eating up my porch.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Lovely, lovely flowers. Enjoy the youngsters--how could you not!

  3. I they they look even better a little faded!


  4. Never will I tire of your "photo work station". Beautiful flowers. Can't wait to hear how the youth weekend goes. Ann

  5. The camellias are beautiful. Mine are out now too.

  6. Your last post was beautifully told, thankyou for sharing something so personal and special. I cannot believe your camellias are already out, I am hoping the cold has not damaged ours.

  7. Hi Olive... your flowers are so pretty and I loved seeing them today... we are covered in snow and more on the way, yucky! For some reason, I thought the teens were already there... enjoy your time with them!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. I too am charmed by the faded blossoms.

  9. The light pink camellia petals are soft and lovely.

  10. Beautiful flowers and cookies sound good too:@)

  11. PS-that push mower thing... not so much:@)

  12. Hi Olive,
    Your camellias are beautiful and your table is the perfect spot for photo shoots! Can't believe you're mowing grass where you live. I guess we'll be at that point in a few weeks.
    Hope you have a great weekend with the teens.
    Mary Alice

  13. Hi Olive, I love your lovely camellias and like you I am so ready for spring. Wow, five dozen cookies, you must be expecting lots of teens and the house will be filled with laughter. Good way to get exercise with the mower Have a nice evening…….

    The French Hutch

  14. Olive I am soooo ready for some spring! (And some of those cookies too *winks*) We've got snow coming here....again. I just hope the power stays on this time.Have a great time with the kiddos! Vanna

  15. It seems we are all dreaming about flowers, loved the pink ones! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  16. Beautiful camellias! I am sure the cookies will be a big hit!

  17. Your camellias are gorgeous. Wish I had a bush in our garden.

  18. Your camellias are gorgeous. And their colors are spectacular.
    Yes, I am looking forward to spring with more daylight hours and warmer temps.
    Sounds like you are going to have a house filled with love and laughter when all those teens arrive. Hmm, wish I was there to grab a couple of cookies!
    Have a great time! XO

  19. I love your camellias and I love your new table aka photo studio...wishing I had room in my kitchen for a table like yours...

  20. I really love camelia's! They have such vibrant color against those green waxy leaves. Yours looks good in that little wire holder.

  21. Hi Olive!

    Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous garden blooms! I am so impressed that you have flowers blooming on March 1st. CLEARLY,
    I need to move from this polar ice block... Illinois!
    We have had an unseasonable warm winter, it was 60 here two days ago! I should not complain, but you sure have me questioning my reasons for living here!!!

    Great pics. Love your "photo lab"!

  22. Spring IS coming! Maybe even early this year! I love your blog! Adding it to my 'must read' list :)

    Have FUN!

  23. I love Camelias and of course I love cookies too.:-)

    The island looks like the perfect photo lab.

  24. It sounds like you will have a full house, Olive! I love seeing the bar ~ it looks so great with vignettes on it too. I can see why you like to use it for your pictures.

  25. LOVE your camellias Olive....!!

    We had a Friend over recently to give us some advice as to what we should do with our small backyard....Neither Matt or I are gardeners & were hoping for a SIMPLE solution to 'pretty up' our little plot....Our Friend recommended we plant a row of camellias along the back fence & I'm STOKED because I ADORE them....ESPECIALLY pink ones....!!

    I'll share some pics when we have them planted....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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