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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Forsythia On A Sunday

Happy Sunday My Fine Feathered Friends

By the time you see our forsythia 
 we will be in church with 275 teenagers. 
That will be a hoot. 
A loud hoot.

What are your plans today?

Joe and I are praying for all who have lost life and property in last nights storms. 
Devastating weather reminds us that life is fragile once again.

When we get home I think a nap is in order
 then cleaning might start
 or not.

joy and peace


  1. Oh I just loved seeing the forsythia! Miss my Mom and Dads big bush in the backyard. You know spring has sprung. I have to clean today because I was out pyrex hunting for my girlfriends yesterday.

  2. So good to see the forsythia. It always seems like the first real sign of spring. Yes, a nap is surely in order for you and Joe today. But as for cleaning...I vote NOT! You should do something relaxing and fun. I,on the other hand,must clean because I just wasn't motivated to do so yesterday. I was a lazy girl yesterday. Hmm, love how I still call myself "girl"...age does not matter!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Olive.

  3. I bet it was like a weekend long slumber party at the yellow house. Love your forsythia. You reminded me that I planted some bushes last year, so now I'll have to run out and see if they have bloomed yet. Crossing my fingers.

  4. Olive,

    You've reminded me that I've been meaning to cut some branches to "force" inside. It will be quite some time before I can expect blooms outdoors.

    I think today there will be some reading, perhaps knitting, a bit of tidying...(can't count on that last one).

    Regarding the storm, there was plenty of wind here yesterday, but nothing to rival the sad state of affairs in parts of the US.


  5. Your forsythia is so pretty Olive, and such a welcoming sign of Spring... I too shall pray for all of the victims of the devastating storms... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I'm at least 6 weeks away from blooming forsythia. Yours is lovely. Get some rest!

  7. Olive, I love your forsythia. I almost bought some fake branches at Hobby-Lobby, last week. Because I do not have any bushes here. You have been busy with the teens. :):) Smiles to you, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  8. It will be a while before I see our forsythia so I am enjoying yours in the meantime!


  9. Those storms were so awful. My thoughts are with all those affected too. 275 teenagers looks like you could have your work cut out - but lots of fun as well

  10. My forsythia will not bloom until April...then I love to bring some branches inside. Yours is so pretty!

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  11. Wow forsythia already-enjoy! I was excited to see my earliest daffs just starting to open up yesterday:@)

  12. Blooming forsythia! wowie, girl.... It was spitting snow flakes here today. No accumulation, just cold! brrr.... Spring can't come soon enough for me. LOL

  13. Hope church with all the kids went well. My hat's off to you. I have one jonquil blooming here in Missouri and we have had snow flurries all day. Last week there was bad tornado's, but not here. Stupid weather. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  14. We had to remove our Forsythia 2 yrs ago as we had to take down some tree's. We moved it,but it didnt make it. I need to plant another as it was so beautiful just like yours..It's been a while since I have paid you a visit..I'm sorry Olive..this post and the last with all the young teens was awesome. Wishing you well and happiness...

  15. We went to church with my parents in Iowa, had a fabulous lunch with them, and then drove home.

  16. What beautiful Forsythia...wish I could grow it here, but it is far too warm. It is so lovely.

  17. Wonderful post! I'm a new follower; so nice to "meet" you! (Yes, praying for those poor folks...we had lives lost close to us, as well, bless them)...
    ♥ Anne ♥

  18. I love your yard, just pitch me a tent and when it warms up I will be over. I miss our forsythia, but we had to cut a bunch of trees and out it went. SO how did church go with the teens?

  19. Your forsythia looks so pretty! Ours is in bloom too. I love it! Your yard looks nice and private too. Hope you had a nice weekend with all the teens. I'm sure your ears will want a break when you come back home. I have an 18 yr old son, and some teens live across the street. So, I know all too well about the noise they make! Ha!

  20. Hi Olive! Your snaps are just lovely. Hope all went well with all those teenagers! God bless you extra special for being with them. I also hop you had a great nap! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Since I'm not a gardener, I didn' now what the yellow things were called, but have always abolutely adored them and have decorated them. Blogging is a great classroom!


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