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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chippy Porch

 Chippy front porch, with lantana, at our old house. 
I fell through this porch in 2005 and the original early 1800's hand forged nails were still in the floor boards. 
I had the most impressive bruise but was otherwise unharmed. 
Joe has since rebuilt the porch floor but paint it-no that has not happened. 
The county would raise our taxes.
Perfect male logic.

joy and peace


  1. Glad you weren't hurt when you fell through, and that's too funny about the paint and taxes! On our list of things to do this weekend...paint our porch posts...hmm, wonder if it will raise our taxes! ;-)


  2. Perfect male logic! LOL. Does that even exist? ;) Cute porch!

  3. Male logic! The chippy porch railing is much prettier anyway than a newly painted porch. Love it with the Lantana!

  4. Chippy paint is good for taxes and general good looks for an 'olden' house!

  5. Oh Olive, I love your chippy porch and your Lantana is so pretty!... sorry you fell through it!... glad you were ok, but how fun to find the 1800's nails still in it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Ouch....that had to be scarey.
    With house values going down, they raised our taxes on our home. And it can't be from what it looks like on the exterior.

  7. Yes... guess the county would rather see a neighborhood go to hell in a hand basket than have people show pride of ownership with a fresh coat of paint.

  8. why paint when you can enjoy all that chippy goodness?!

  9. The chippiness is fabulous.... and the flowers are so beautiful too!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Glad you didn't get hurt, that had to be scarey! Love all that chippiness on those pretty rails! Have a super weekend!
    Higher taxes if you paint?!?

  11. I also love the chippiness and the rails are very pretty. Don't you just love mens' logic?! Love the flowers by the way.

  12. Pretty rails and lantana, Olive!
    Not pleasant to fall through a floor, though!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Pretty flowers Olive. Too bad about the taxes. Smiles to you, xo, Susie

  14. Chippy always looks better than pristine paint to me!
    I like Joe's logic, though!!
    Funny guy!!

  15. NO Paint! No Way! Love that Chippy Porch! Missed you, my friend.

  16. Are you kidding? For painting? That is ridiculous.

  17. Was loving those ballisters until I read that you fell through the porch :( Not so good. And painting?!? Definitely not so good either! Sorry but we love the chippy stuff ;)

    Purrs and hugs,

    Romeo and "her"

  18. Beautiful photo, Olive. Love the charm of the old chippy railing!
    Mary Alice

  19. I like the chippiness! And yes, I get the fear of raised taxes. You have to do what you have to do!


  20. Hi, Olive

    I've learned that chippy is chic in the Land of Blog, but I love a fresh coat of paint. It makes a home look loved and cared for; I say that, knowing I have the old milk box and a bit of wood trim that needs painting on my house!

    My uncle lives in the home my great-grandfather built with various out buildings, including the barn built by my grandfather. The trim on the house and the barn doors always look great painted a cheery red. The whole piece of property strikes me as "the real deal" in all its non-chippy-mountain-and-shoreline existence. We all have our own preferences. :)

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


  21. gorgeous colors!! glad you are ok. (:

  22. Hey Olive,

    It's looking lovely, I'd say - paint or no paint!! Falling through the porch is a small price to pay for having such a pretty area all for you!!! Although you might not agree, having been the one to do the actual falling!!!



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