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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Berries of The Dogwood Tree

 The bounty of dogwood berries.
 Every outdoor photo I take these days has a spider web in it. 
Our mild winter last year has made for an over abundance of spiders.
 Which is not a terrible thing because we also have an over abundance of insects. 
The dogwood trees here are hanging on but all of our five trees have the virus that is killing the American dogwood. I will be sad when we lose them.

In Olive Out news I have been attempting to rest for the past few days.
 Not being able to bend over or exert myself has been incredibly restrictive. I have had  more surgical pain than I expected and have spent the last few days reading books and taking  pain medication. Because I read a lot of books, fast, in a drunken state I do not remember them. I do not recommend reading novels while drunken.  I want to cut grass and pull weeds and it is killing me that I can't. Joe is cutting grass for me today. I can water with the hose so I am over watering  I am sure. Today we pack up and travel to the old house where the internet is ever so slow. 
 What fun would life be without challenges?

joy and peace


  1. Olive - You must take it easy. You think you are ok but your body needs time to recuperate.

    To the dogwood trees - I have a dogwood tree that I love because my Sunday School class bought and had it planted when my Dad passed away. But, boy, two summers of intense heat and it is not doing well. But, I have never had berries on it????

    Rest up.


  2. You have a good mind set, Olive. Overcoming hurdles makes us stronger. Resting is good for the body and soul and if reading passes the time, go for it. Who cares if you don't remember a thing!!

    Your dogwood is beautiful...I hope it survives.


  3. There are two dogwoods at our childhood house that my sister planted, fifty years ago. We drive by to see them some springs. I think we need to go again.

  4. I haven't been by lately and am sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. (You've certainly put my little rattling cough into perspective.)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  5. Beautiful berries on the Dogwood! Even the dried up ones. I sure hope the trees don't die.
    I'm sorry that you are having more pain than expected. Please take it easy and don't over do.

  6. The dogwood berries are lovely Olive. I'm sorry to hear that you're been feeling poorly, but it is early days. Please rest whilst you can. Having had my surgery back in June, I know how frustrating it can be! Please try not to overdo things. My hubby is still cutting the grass, as I still find it difficult lifting or stretching :( Take care x

  7. take it easy my friend. enjoy the day. big hugs & thinking about ya. i love dogwoods. maybe because i am from VA... that is why they are so perfect. (:

  8. Wonderful shots and yes, the spider webs are everywhere.

  9. These images are beautiful and artistic, Olive! Yes, pain medication sometimes makes you want to do some crazy stuff like pull weeds and mow the grass!! ;)

    Take care, sweetie!

  10. How sad when a species is succumbing to pest or viral illnesses. Here, it is my beloved white birch that is under attack and I'm sure I will soon lose the oldest one in my yard. Your photography skills aren't affected by your inebriated state. Lovely pics! ~ Maureen

  11. Cool pics and we have lots of spiders too! Hope you feel better soon:@)

  12. Beautiful pictures, Olive! I love Dogwoods. I'm glad you are forcing yourself to take it easy. In the long run that will be best. Hope the healing process picks up the pace for you! Ann

  13. Lots of berries are now showing up on the dogwoods up and down our street as well. It's sad about the disease they are all facing. I recall as a child when Dutch Elm disease took so many elms from our neighborhood. Sort of a cyclic thing I suppose... one day we will all have to plant new dogwoods and get them going again.

    Glad you are recuperating nicely.. yes, take it easy. Better safe than sorry.


  14. Just catching up. Glad the gallbladder is gone. God bless your continued recuperation. May it be uneventful and quick.
    Your brown transferware speaks of fall to me, too. It is beautiful.
    Perhaps when the dogwoods have succumbed, you could replace them with redbuds. That is what I would do. Redbuds are wonderful.
    It's hard for me to stay still for very long too. I think, as I have gotten older, I have to be doing and moving. It didn't used to be that way!

  15. Lots of spider webs here, as well.

    I remember that frustration after my gall bladder surgery. I couldn't do much and I wanted to do a lot. You don't realize how much you bend over and pick things up until you suddenly are forbidden to do it. But hang in there. Soon, soon, you'll be able to do more.


    1. Great pictures of the dogwood tree berries. My pink dogwood tree has been weakening with parts dying off for the last couple of years. I didn't know there was a dogwood virus on the loose. I know this summers' heat was hard on the dogwood. I'll be surprised if it comes back again next spring. I would like to plant another dogwood if they have a virus resistant variety. Otherwise I may put in a red crepe myrtle. Hope you feel back to normal soon.

  16. I had no idea there is a dogwood virus out there. I adore our dogwoods and would be very upset to lose them. The birds wiped out our red berries in one day. And boy are you so right about the webs everywhere. I noticed how much more abundant they are and didn't realize it was because of the warmer weather. Love your blog!

  17. I get you on the reading to fast or while drugged - not cool My house has that spider web problem... :(

  18. The dogwoods are showing the first blush of fall color here and boy do we have an abundance of spiders being near the water! I hope your recovery is speedy :)


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