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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flower Garden In September

 Encore Azaleas blooming now for the third time this year.

 The flower garden, at summers end, as viewed from the deck. It seems overgrown to me. The July heat was brutal and in the triple digits and then we had thirteen inches of rain in August. It makes for weeds and garden viruses.

The Mini Penny hydrangea I have babied along all summer. It has many small blooms now. The rain has been exactly what it needed. Hydrangeas need water and shade. I fear this one has too much sun.

This sweet potato vine is in a terracotta pot and is a reseed from last summer. Sweet potato vines are easy and add that beautiful waterfall of chartreuse green to the garden.

In The-Nearly-Dead-But-Rescued category is this Butterfly Bush.
 I bought it for two dollars and it is now thriving.

In Olive Out news I thank all of you for your darling comments on my last post about my Procedure-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Joe and I have enjoyed a mini vacation at our yellow house the past four days and I did not look at my computer or blog during that time. It was difficult to be away and I missed all of you. We cooked homemade pizza, broiled salmon, made pancakes, and chili. 
Not all at once...wink.
We relaxed and enjoyed the long weekend. 
I hope your weekend was filled with fun too.

happy gardening


  1. So happy to have you back! Being away from the computer that long is not easy. We feel we must! Glad your feeling better (I can't figure this one our as to your procedure)! Lovely garden for September Olive. My poor little hydrangea just didn't make it. Silly me, what was I thinking when I planted it where it gets to much sun. Hope you rested up and enjoyed the long weekend. Take care…….

    The French Hutch

  2. I great a great feeling of satisfaction when I revive a cheap and almost dead plant. I have three 25 cent shrubs that are now thriving. How amazing that you were able to keep your garden going in that terrible heat! ~ Maureen

  3. Dear Olive,
    Hope that you are feeling well and on the way to a full recovery after your 'procedure' !! I'm sure your lovely Joe is looking after you beautifully.
    Your garden is a picture and I love a garden that has a bit of an overgrown look. Your photographs are so lovely and show your garden off a treat.
    Thanks so much for your comment today....take care and look after yourself. Much love. XXXX

  4. A little break from blogging can be a good thing...we come back refreshed and ready to talk different subjects. Gardening is one of my favorites! I love your sweet potato vine...I tried one before and it didn't work out...too much shade? And I never tire of seeing hydrangeas!

    I hope you enjoyed your time at the yellow house and that you had a chance to relax. Have a great week!


  5. Glad you had a restful time! Sweet potato vines are one of my favorite things to grow. Because you do nothing but water them and they just keep growing.

  6. I'm glad you took a little break, Olive. Hope you're feeling better. I always enjoy looking at your garden.

  7. It is a good idea to have a break from blogging from time to time Olive, and then return afresh. Blogging is rather addictive. The sweet potato vine is a wonderful colour, lime green is good for highlighting corners.

  8. Hi Olive, your September garden is so pretty!... I love your Azaleas... hope you had a nice rest after your procedure... homemade pizza sounds yummy!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Your garden looks beautiful!! My flower garden has resurrected from the Texas heat. We had a few thunderstorms and it is amazing what a little rain can do!
    Loved your last post...hoot and a half! Hope you are doing well!

  10. Sounds like you had a nice weekend and it looks like you still have lots of great color in the garden-enjoy:@)

  11. I know that I haven't went 4 days without looking at my blog. Love your flower post!

  12. 13 inches? We get that in a good year. I can imagine the garden is growing like mad. Did you get rain from the hurricane?

    1. Maybe a few bands but most of it was prior to the hurricane.

  13. Your azalea is certainly well-named and is clearly not yet ready to leave the stage. I hope you're feeling more yourself now, Olive, after your procedure.

  14. Beautiful flower garden Olive! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I hope you're doing well. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  15. What a beautiful garden...what you call overgrown, looks to me natural and a little wild...I love it!

  16. Olive, I like your name A Lot lol. Your garden looks lovely. We need some rain here for sure! We had 6 inches I'm told over the weekend ( was out of town) but we still need more ! XO Cindy

  17. I'm glad you got away. Unplugging for a few days is good for the soul. My hydrangeas have a few blooms too.

  18. Beautiful September snapshots of your garden Olive! A mini Penny is on my list to plant this fall. My summer annuals and pots are soooo tired and ready to be put out of their misery...I'm ready for fall! Glad to hear your recuperation has been delicious :)

  19. Lovely photos and I think a break away from the computer was a good idea and just what you needed.:)

  20. Your garden is looking lovely, Olive! I especially like the bed you have that looks like it is at the bottom of stairs (?). My daughter has a deck at her house that really could use some landscaping around it and I keep my eyes open for ideas for her.

  21. Olive, I think your garden still looks very nice. I love the sweet potato vines.I try to have some here. Smiles, Susie

  22. i love my butterfly bushes! we transplanted them earlier in the season, and at first they didn't look happy, but now they are perfect. so glad your 2 dollar deal worked out!

  23. I'll tell you, your garden looks a whole lot better than mine. As much as I love hydrangeas,I've all but given up on them. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I haven't had any decent blooms in a couple of years. Your sweet potato vine looks really good, too. Your really have a green thumb.

  24. slowly catching up on your posts. i love the gardens. wow, i bet that took some work. wow!! lovely. (:


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