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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bird Nest Under Glass

The fall cloche party is on! Yay!

Our little bird’s nest is real and has been prepared by Joe for the cloche.

De-bugged I should say.

It was abandoned by the mother bird at Joe’s brother’s house.

halloween fall 071

halloween fall 072

halloween fall 078

halloween fall 087

Please join the others at the sweet Marty’s for more cloches at A Stroll Thru Life.

You will see so many pretties under glass you will be dizzy but in a totally good way!

cloche p

grace surrounds us




  1. I am curious how he debugged it? I have a birds nest I wanna rescue after the birds migrate but want to make sure there are no bugs.

  2. Love the bird nest under the cloche. It is such a great and timeless look.

  3. Melissa, he put the nest in a zip-lok bag with moth balls for 8 weeks. Then it had to air out for about 4 weeks because the moth balls smell awful. But the contents of the eggs mut dry out. There were dozens of little flying things in the bag. So far no issues. olive♥

  4. Very nice...and I agree I love that bird's nest under the cloche. Probably my favorite thing under glass! Beautiful home and blog too.

  5. Hi Olive! Oh, the bird nest is so sweet under you cloche.
    You've put together some great displays and there you go getting all artsy with some of your snaps! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. How wonderful is that bird's nest under the cloche? Love it! Your Fall pumpkins look great too. laurie

  7. I also have a nest. I was going to leave it outside till after the frost to kill the fleas.

    Yours looks so pretty in that cloche.

  8. I love birds nests too. The real ones always have those little mites in them. Yick... but so worth debugging. This one is gorgeous in a gorgeous cloche.

  9. I absolutely love your cloches Olive, but especially the bird nest with eggs. Hugs xx

  10. Looks great Olive, cute fall touches-enjoy!

  11. I'm a big cloche
    lover, although I
    only have two...
    You sure have a
    lot of pretty ones!
    I thought of you
    yesterday when I
    was at the Creative
    would just love it!
    Today I'm off to
    Junk Bonanza. Maybe
    I'll find a cloche??
    Have a wonderful
    weekend, sweet friend!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Olive, love that gorgeous natural nest. Cute pumpkins.

  13. Hello Olive... so very pretty... I love the little pumpkins under glass for Autumn!... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. Oh I love your pretty nest, and your pumpkins are just wonderful. So pretty. Thanks so much for linking to the party. Such fun. Hugs, Marty

  15. Beautiful. I love how the light coming through the window lights it all up.

  16. I love the little is perfect for the cloche party!

    Love love love!


  17. Love the eggs in the nest! Can't get enough of bird stuff! Really nice!

  18. I am in love with the nest and eggs in the cloche. The pumpkins are beautiful too. Char

  19. I adore cloches. Yours looks so lovely with the pumpkins and nest. I love how the sunshine sparkles on the glass. Very pretty!


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