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Friday, September 3, 2010

Outbuildings at the Old House for Barn Chicks

Joe has numerous old out buildings, barns, and sheds at the old house. You may recall our old house was built before the Civil War. One of these sheds appears to be original to the house. It is very, very old. In fact, I will not go inside it for fear the floor will collapse. As an added bonus you get to see our spider webs. Consider it a pre-Halloween thrill.

joe's outbuildings 020

joe's outbuildings 008

The secret is…this cast iron tub is our neighbors!!! I am working (pleading, begging, cajoling) with her to let us have it. It is on our property.

joe's outbuildings 009

The shed has barbed wire and many unknown items in it. I found a cast iron bed. Farm animals used to be kept in this barn.

joe's outbuildings 015

This ladder has faded red paint that my photo does not show.

joe's outbuildings 023

joe's outbuildings 029

This is the older shed. The door handle is two holes for your fingers. Joe never throws anything away. No we do not own a junk yard. Let’s look closer.

joe's outbuildings 033

Joe interjected some design (albeit unplanned) in this spot.

joe's outbuildings 030

We might need the “Oversize Load” sign for my bum one day! I spy a Le Creuset pan.

joe's outbuildings 037

Please do not be jealous of our over abundant supply of spider webs. ~Double Ick ~Joe reminds me the spiders eat insects.

joe's outbuildings 026

This yard and the out buildings are different from the landscaped yard at our yellow house but we love the history connected with our old house.

I realize I pictured no apples and that was part of the theme!

Please visit all the other Barn Chicks. Thanks bunches to Karen Doyle our hostess at Brayton Homestead Interiors.

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  1. Great pictures! And I'll bet "The Pickers" would have a filed day at your place~ Lots of good eye candy...

  2. Hello Olive... LOVE all of your photos! I think you should claim the bathtub as your own! (squatters rights or something???)... also love the old ladder leading up to a treehouse... and the vintage signs are great! I even love the spiderwebs... they will be perfect for the October meeting I am guest~hosting, barns, and Halloween and such! Thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. "I LOVED that"!!! It's my kind of treasure hunt, I LIKE IT! My Mom was a farm girl from as NORTH in Maine as you can go without hitting Canada, and when we used to visit up there my brother, Cousins and I would GO EXPLORING and finding old sheds and their treasure made it SO MUCH FUN! Joe is right about the spiders, they do have their jobs to do, hehe...
    If I ever visit you, promise you'll take me on a tour of these wonderful old buildings...
    Hugs, Donna

  4. I love these photos - such history and weathered wonderfulness. I agree with Kelly - the Pickers would love to stop by your place.


  5. Oh I would love to go inside and see what it's like! I love old houses and history too!

  6. marvelous!!! thank you for sharing. :) i feel the same way about spiders/spider webs/etc...but yes, they do eat other bugs, so yay! and that tub....fabulous! xoxo

  7. I love your property - wish my husband loved crusty and old!! :)

  8. oh do I love your shed- it is a work of art- love the pic of the sign and the antlers. Thanks for being a wonderful Barn Chick and linking up!!


  9. How lucky you are to have these old buildings on your property!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Sam reminds me that spiders eat insects. I scream and slap him and then run outside beserker style to murder the evil and save innocent butterflies!

    I'd be all over that shed thought, wearing oven mitts, a miner's hat, and brandishing tongs....

  11. Oh... I see your "over size"! I'll have to show Husband so he can see I'm not the only one! LOL


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