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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blooming Now: Spider Lilies

Spider lilies are blooming now at the old house.

Joe says they have been blooming at the old house for over fifty years and maybe longer.

Joe thinks they look like UFO’s floating on the end of a stick.

That is why I married him.

Creative thinking ability.

kitchen 053

kitchen 059

kitchen 056

kitchen 058

They are sprinkled all over the yard like red lace.

Is is raining again today and I think coffee and blogging sound like the finest plan.

What are you doing today?

grace surrounds us



  1. "Oh I LOVE these"... It's one flower that is definitely on my wish list!!! I have really neglected my gardens this year BUT "Next Year will come quick enough"...
    Hugs to you,

  2. Joe is very much a creative thinker :0) the colours are gorgeous. I have been grouting tiles in our unfinished utility room! My washing machine went seriously wrong - it's in my kitchen and I wanted to have the new one plumbed up elsewhere when it arrives! so busy, busy today!

  3. What am I doing today? I am wondering how it was that nobody wanted to marry me for my creative thinking ability.

  4. Tom,wondering may lead to ceative thinking. Yes?

  5. They sure are different! I haven't seen them before-thanks:@)

  6. Great photos! Love the UFO On A Stick description. :D

  7. Those are so pretty. I have not seen any around here. It is cloudy, cool and windy here, but not raining. I guess on your side of the state it is.

  8. Olive, The spider lilies are beautiful. Joe's description is apt.
    Blogging and coffee sound like a terrific idea. I went to work, came home and blogged, and am currently simultaneously making meatloaf and potatoes in the electric skillet and blogging, multitasker that I am.

  9. Your spider lilies are gorgeous. I have only seen them in garden catalogs, I can't imagine having a whole yard of them. Very cool! :-D


  10. Those are very pretty. Sort of airy. Do they just pop up out of the grass or do you plant them? I have been doing errands all day and getting ready for a house guest this weekend.

  11. What am I doing?...blubbering (yes still) like a complete idiot!
    Love your flowers Olive...they are stunning and weird at the same time.
    Married my man for his impressive and honourable...that takes creative thinking (on his part) no?

  12. Hello Olive... oooh, your Spider Lilies are just beautiful! You are too cute... marrying Joe for his creative thinking ability!... I too think coffee and blogging is a good combination... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Hi Olive,
    So happy to hear from you and to see your beautiful flowers and the! And thank you for your prayers for June--she appreciates all our prayers.
    I hope you're doing great!!

  14. Pam, Joe says the spider lilies have been here for years and years. We do nothing with them. I believe they are bulbs. We plan to transplant some to our yellow house. They pop up every September.

  15. They are beautiful! I've never seen these before! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. I have a few of these. They are so easy to grown and come back each year. Mine are in full bloom now. You are many more than I do.

  17. My dearest Olive,

    Thank you for stopping by to visit. I have been allowed outside again. Except that now I have to be in BEFORE dinner :( "She" says there was a skunk outside yesterday. A BIG HUNKING skunk. Nothing that I couldn't handle I'm sure, but still best to stay out of trouble for a while.

    Regarding the rain. I like to go out in the rain but not longer than it takes for my fur to get a little wet. You see, if I do that then "she" makes a big fuss over me and dries me off with the towel and smooches all over me. Purrhaps I should talk with Clovis and educate him on such matters. What do you think?


    Romeo and "her"

  18. WOW... I especially love the "backdrop" old bricks... time-worn wood...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  19. Olive, They are beautiful, and I love Joe's description of them - yep! That is creative thinking. laurie

  20. Don't you wish they would last a little longer. Such a happy color!

  21. Hi Olive! OH, your spider lilies are gorgeous!! Wish I had some. I don't know if they grow here but I'd like to try them.
    Oh, I'm so jealous! You're wearing sweaters!! It's still in the high 80s here!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Hey there Missy, these are gorgeous, and I don't think Iv'e seen these before...definitely beautiful but odd! Sounds like your weather has been cozy. Have a great day, sweetie!!

  23. Love your images Olive! Im with you girl..Ive got my coffee and my you have a relaxing and happy day~ Hugs,Rachel ;)

  24. ~*Oh and I just put you on my blogroll today so I dont miss a lovely post of yours.. ;)~*

  25. How cool!
    And that Joe...he needs his own blog! ;-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  26. I've been down in Florida so long, I'd forgotten about these lacy beauties! How positively stunning!

  27. Your spider lilies are beautiful and the color sublime. I love your husbands very creative description!

  28. They are gorgeous!! I love the photo with the railing shadows falling on them.


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