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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rattlesnake For Supper

My darling husband, Joe, had rattlesnake for supper last night. Prepared by him. Not me.

He killed a 51 inch rattler last week, skinned it and is drying the skin to mount on on the shed at the old house.

It will be quite at home there amongst our old junk.

I have cell phone photos but am sparing you the images. You can thank me later.

I did not see the dead snake but did get to see the steaks cut up in our sink.

With the blood.


Joe has canoed most of the rivers in Georgia and has eaten rattler before when camping.

He is going to a class today for work so we are apart.

I trust I have not worn you out with talk of this deadly snake.

By the way Joe reported to me that the snake tasted good but was not as meaty as he thought it would be.

They are all muscle.

Cringing again.

I bet some folks in Texas eat snake.

Do you eat snake?


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  1. Not if I can help it Olive...but I do eat eel and oysters and really, what's the difference.

  2. Snake! That is a great story Olive! Never a dull moment!

  3. NO, this Texan does not eat snake-
    OMG, cringe! I hear there are many like Joe that do like it. Cringe again!

    Enjoy your day sweet lady!


  4. Ewwwwwww I don't think so. I saw one on our property this summer. It was HUGE and I slowly backed away from it!

  5. No, snake is not a part of my regular diet :) That was one big snake! I'm glad Joe got him before he got Joe!

  6. Wow. That was interesting. Hmmm. I don't think I want to try rattler.

  7. Never had the opportunity but I would try it. "They" say eating snake gives you weird dreams...LOL!

  8. Hi Olive... you forgot Eeeewwww! ... and YUCK!!!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Olive - No not as yet! Did Joe put a candlelit dinner on for you as well :)

  10. I'd like to hear how he came across it! Is it like hunting? I have never eaten rattlesnake...or alligator for that matter, it grosses me out for some reason!! What will you do with all that meat?


  11. I just started a new gig as a vegetarian so count me out. If you had known me all my life, you would know just how unbelievable that is. I love BBQ. I might have tried BBQ rattler..........back in the day.

  12. I have a horrible phobia to "S"...I have trouble even writing the word. In fact any scaly creature will legs shorter than 3 inches is considered a "S" in my mind. I have trouble going out to my own backyard sometimes because we have garden lizards. I called the police once when I saw someone with a "S" at the mall and I will not walk on a street close to my home because one time I saw a "S" there. Not to mention the day I lost a huge job for a ton of money once I realized the people had a "S" in the house. I love the fact that you didn't post pictures because otherwise I have bad dreams at night...I know, I know, CRAZY!!! but my brain doesn't seem to get it but somehow I could eat them. Yes, I could sit at your Husband's table and enjoy the meal as long as I don't see it alive!!!...In my world, there must be a reason why "S" exist: to be eaten and to be made into beautiful shoes!!!

  13. I like snakes too much to eat them - even rattlers. Her indoors is quite fond of wearing the skins, though she does feel guilty about it.

  14. Thank you for not posting any picture of it!!! Never eaten snake and never been eaten by a snake. I would like to keep it that way.

  15. :) Well how about that! That is making lemonade out of lemons, right?

  16. Oh My!!!! Quite interesting. I didnt even know eating snake was an option.
    Sounds like theres always something exciting going on there ;)
    Have a good day,

  17. Oh Yikes! No, I don't eat snakes, and I don't even want to see one. Sooooo glad you didn't post photos! Glad he enjoyed his snake, but I'm really glad I didn't have to see it! laurie

  18. Well now, that's not a subject you hear in Philly often... I have however, gone fishing with a friend that pulled an eel out of the Delaware River and proceeded to eat it-he lived to talk about it-but it grosses me out to this day!

  19. I would not, could not, should not eat snake!
    No never, no ever, no never ever eat snake!
    Not in a car, not from a jar, not on a star!
    No, I would not eat snake!

    But my father in law does...YUCK!!!

  20. EEuuuwwww! we just watched a special about snakes tonight on the science channel...I don't think I would want to eat one...especially after watching a huge snake eat a small deer....

  21. Gulp!
    It's only 5AM
    and maybe that's
    why my tummy is
    doing flip flops
    at the thought of
    all these images....
    xx Suzanne

  22. Miss Olive-
    This Texas girls does NOT eat rattler-
    I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder!
    What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?


  23. God, I just almost puked at the thought. I cannot imagine that in my sink, house, oven, BBQ? I am a very squeamish eater. I have trouble with a fish with a head on it.

  24. Eeeoowwww! I cannot believe your husband just ate a rattlesnake. That is really gross, lol. I am so terrified of them. I would let that thing, dead or alive, inside my house..Christie


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