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Friday, August 31, 2012

Amnesia Is Good

I lost yesterday.
  Large parts of it. I had a Procedure-That-Shall-Be-Nameless. 
For said procedure I had Popofol. 
The intravenous drug that creates amnesia for the event. 
Amnesia is good. Good in a myriad of ways. 
I was rolled into procedure room Number 2 by the anesthesiologist. 
She attached a 30ml syringe of milky white Popofol to my IV.
 It looked like she was putting down a large mammal and it was me. 

Thirty seconds later... 
I was in recovery. 
Drunk as if I had had twelve tall beers at the local bar, 
with the boys, after a long day at the plant. 
Joe said I was talking LOUD. 
My nurses name was Shelby and apparently I liked her name.
 A whole bunch says Joe. Oh dear. 
Thirty seconds later... 
I put my clothes on backwards and was walked out the door and put in the car.

The Procedure-That-Shall-Be-Nameless was a hoot and a half. 
I do not remember the hoot.

How was your week?

Happy Friday
Is it Friday?


  1. Wow Olive, sounds like an adventure alright. Hope first of all that your procedure went ok and secondly hope your head is feeling better and that your dressing with clothes the right way
    Take care :)

  2. I love Christy's comment, take care, take care, you made me smile today,,

  3. I am glad you made it through the half as well.

  4. Glad that it worked. I bet you were funny all day.
    A few weeks ago I had the upper andl ower scopes....I am sure you know what I am talking about. I was so looking forward to being sound asleep. But my oxygen levels dropped so low they couldn't put me under. OMG it was terrible. Hope your results were were for the most part.

  5. Poor Baby!
    Glad you are better!

    By the way . . . I've received two personal notes about how people like your blog since I listed it on my sidebar. My Mom wanted to know if I knew you personally!!!

  6. I hope everything went well my dear. Your post was so amusing I couldn't help smiling! Lots of love
    June xx

  7. glad you survived the fun. Good grief, I hate being out of it, because I have a big mouth anyway, I cannot imagine all the crap that would fly out of it if I didn't have some kind of control!

  8. Oh lord. I know how you feel. Last year when I had my first surgery, I apparently shouted out (on my way to the OR) "Let the adventure begin!" Don said he couldn't stop laughing.
    I'm glad you're home and done with it. Hopefully, feeling a bit more chipper today!


  9. Hello Olive... glad it is over and I hope all went well... maybe you liked the nurses name because it reminded you of Shelley... I wish they would give me that same thing if I need kidney stone surgery again... I would love to forget about that!... hope you have a nice, restful day today with your family, xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Shelby/Shelley, is so funny! I hope you didn't pet her our try to make her sit. Glad you are back to normal or as normal as any of us get! ~ Maureen

  11. Oh I wish I could have come with you Olive....I would have endured a Procedure-That-Shall-Be-Nameless to meet Nurse Shelby....I'm SURE I would have liked that a LOT....**wink**....!

    I hope all is well with you Lovey....Procedure-That-Shall-Be-Nameless aside....!!!!!

    ENJOY your weekend when it rolls around to your side....!

    Tamarah :o)

  12. Your post is funny! I have done some strange things, too, while "Under The Influence" of medication! I hope your procedure went well and that you get good results.


  13. Oh Olive you are a trooper. Thank goodness for pain drugs to take us to lala land. Shelby is a nice name:)

    hope you're feeling better

  14. Well, if it is the hoot
    that is required when
    one attains a CERTAIN
    age, then I had mine this
    year, too : ) I had it at
    11AM and when I was
    finally awake enough to
    go home, I hit the bed and
    didn't wake up until 5:30!
    That's some powerful stuff.

    Hope your results were
    all good!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  15. Well, I guess we know you're fifty. Aren't you? Welcome back among us. Hope you're capturing things in overturned glasses real soon.

  16. Glad that day is now behind you Olive, and hopefully the news will be good and you can go forward. Thinking of you.

    1. Intended to say - glad your sense of humour is still intact.

  17. Hope you are feeling better and aren't those amnesia drugs wonderful and fun. Imagine the stories those nurses could tell! I was under one of those after a shoulder fracture/dislocation. They wanted me to be able to tell them if what they were doing to me hurt. Apparently I said some pretty bad words to those docs and nurses. All I remember is coming to and saying "I'm sorry for everything I said - I'm not usually like that". It's nice to be able to clear some of that stuff out of your brain once in awhile. Ann

  18. Propofol is wonderful! (We use it regularly on dogs and cats, too!) I had it once, and it was just like you said, except I was perfectly sane when I woke up. :)
    Glad you're done with that. Wishing you and Joe a lovely weekend.

  19. Glad it's over. Praying all went well. Give yourself a rest.

  20. Your are so funny! So happy the "procedure" went well!

  21. Goodness Olive -- yesterday I had my yearly -- I guess proceedure is a good word, lol. Although not something I relish doing, glad no Popofol was required -- kidding aside, hope all is well. Take gentle care - you may have lost your memory but not your humor :)

    Happy weekend wishes!

  22. LOL! I need to have that procedure and have dreaded it so much! Glad to know there's a goofy drug.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. I'd never heard of Popofol before and looked it up on Google. Oh Gosh!
    Hope the procedure and everything went well for you. Take care xxx

  24. I had the stuff in June for an endoscopy and it was crazy... Just like you said! I still can't get over how fast you go under and's all over!

    Hope you're doing okay!


  25. Sounds like an unadventurous day and a much needed drug! Take care and Happy Labor Day Weekend:@)

  26. WOW, scary stuff Olive. Hope you are feeling better now, get some rest my friend.

  27. Only you!!!!!
    That stuff is fabulous, isn't it???

  28. Now you know why Michael Jackson was hooked on it! It makes one sleep well with good dreams.

  29. Has I tell my Cardioversion will not remember a thing! Good stuff. Now go relax!

  30. Glad the procedure went smoothly! When I had my wisdom teeth out years ago I jumped right off the table in the recovery room and said I was ready to head home...the nurses informed me otherwise! :)

    Take care,


  31. You're so funny. Glad all went well ~ as far as you know (: have a great holiday weekend and rest up.

  32. LOL. they say one's true personality comes out while "under the influence!" I always chat up a storm - but wait.... That is nowhere near unusual for me on a normal day! But they don't know that!

  33. Oh I am so chuckling and can relate... I had a nameless procedure in January. Amnesia is good~ God Bless Anesthesiologists & Nurses! Hope you can recover and rest over the holiday weekend :)

  34. Your telling of it is a hoot and a half too! Hope you've recovered!!

  35. You didn't damage Joe's reputation did you? Y'all aren't going to have to move, are you? Just kidding!! I hope you are back to your sweet self now, and all is well from your procedure. You are a funny girl! Best, Vicki

  36. Olive, you are a hoot! Glad your procedure went well. When I had my angiogram they gave me an afternoon cocktail of 2 Benedryl and a Valium. I was supposed to be able to see and hear what was going on but I was out like a light for 4 hours.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. Doing the same for you.

  37. I hate those un-named procedures, I've had several varieties. I hope the results were in your favor and you are on your way to a happy, healthy Olive. Will be thinking of you my friend, Laura

  38. i hope you will be in tip top shape soon. my mind is wondering through all not shall be named procedures a lady can have ... ha. ha!! thinking about ya. (:


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