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Friday, April 19, 2013


   Fading wisteria on a trellis at our local nursery. 
This a rather special wisteria because it is a cutting from The Augusta National Golf course. I meant to get back here last Saturday to photograph it, before it stormed, but could not.

 You must vigorously prune this vine. It is in the kudzu family after all.

I could spend a whole lot of money here but I used restraint and purchased a succulent and bee balm. We know the owners of this nursery and believe strongly in buying at local family owned businesses.

Wisteria I photographed in 2011 at an abandoned home site.

happy gardening


  1. I love this - cuttings or transplanting from famous gardens or even relatives gardens are so special. Have a great weekend :-)

  2. wisteria is gorgeous. does it have much smell? wish i had some here in our yard. ( :

  3. That is absolutely beautiful - and your last photo, especially, is stunning! How cheery and lovely.

  4. I love the look of Wisteria, but we haven't planted it because of how invasive it is. You have to really keep it under control. It is such a romantic looking vine though.

  5. One of the few things planted at this old farmhouse when we bought it was a large wisteria plant. I hope our projected frost tonight won't hurt the buds. We love it and the bees love it.

    I was glad to read your support of local businesses! We try to do that too, especially the few Mom & Pop ones left. And I loved reading your comment on my blog this morning! I was worried I would be the only one that felt that way. Thank you!

    I hope your weekend is lovely in the garden, Olive,

  6. That's quite a 'claim to fame' for the wisteria! Very nice, and we try to shop the smaller stores too when it works for us. :)

  7. Beautiful photos. When I taught school, I took the children outside and told them to stand still. Then I reached up to the wisteria and gently shook the vine, and lavender petals rained down on their heads. It was our "Flower Shower."

  8. Love the 2011 Wisteria photo . . . others too. Happy Earth Day tomorrow . . . I purchase from local too and our wonderful, fabulous Farmer's Market.

  9. Beautiful blue. I have a wisteria - a white one, in a pot in my poly-tunnel - that ones just coming into bud too, but it's a bit too cold here to put it outside yet.

  10. Interesting about the wisteria!! My Dad tried to grow it and he kept it 7 years - growing in his mumosa, but it NEVER bloomed. I finally just cut it all down! their Wisteria is lovely!

  11. I missed my opportunity to take a photo of the wisteria before the storms. I have loved your last few posts on gardening and the platters on the wall. I always have flowers so i can enjoy them!

  12. Wisteria is gorgeous! Ours should be blooming soon too:@)

  13. So pretty this time of year, both the purple and white wisteria. We don't have any in our garden but tons in trees along the roadways...beautiful!

  14. Beautiful pictures! We have wisteria at the lake and we wrestle with it every spring. It wants to grow everywhere but up... it's like an unruly child!

    Have a great weekend, Olive!


  15. Oh I just adore wisteria! There's something so magical about it.

  16. Hey Olive; Your photos are so Lovely!!! My Grandmother had the most Beautiful Wisteria at her home. Sigh. I was a child but I remember playing next to it and watching all of the Birds and Bees flying around it.
    I wish that I could get some cuttings of the Wisteria that is at the abandoned home!!!! I would Love to have some of it!!!
    I hope that you and Joe have a good weekend!

  17. The wisteria against the bricks at the abandoned home place is gorgeous! I am impatiently waiting for the snow to melt and warm weather so I can visit our local family owned nursery.

  18. I had no idea Wisteria was in the Kudzu family! Shopping local and family owned is always special and gives right back to the community. Ann

  19. That is so pretty...Don and I take a walk each morning by a lovely home that has Wisteria growing around the front is pretty...I never knew what it was until now! Have a great weekend!!

  20. Olive, what gorgeous pictures. I have always dreamed of having Wistera draped over my porch!

  21. Good Morning Olive, Wisteria, when in flower is such a beautiful plant, although it is a plant I have never grown.
    Like you I love visiting garden nurseries, as there is so many lovely plants to buy. What I do is decide how much I want to spend and I take the money with me, then I am not tempted to "buy up" the whole nursery.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  22. Love wisteria!
    Such pretty shots.
    I have a hard time controlling myself at our local
    nursery too, Olive! I always say when I get really old
    I want to be the person who just waters everything!
    Love being there around all those gorgeous plants.
    Have a great Sunday!

  23. Hi Olive, love the Wisteria! I also love to support local family owned small businesses.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  24. Beautiful photos Olive! Wisteria smells so heavenly, every spring I'm tempted to plant some!


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