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Monday, January 30, 2012

Dried Roses and Monday Challenges

Monday challenged I have been.

My Yahoo mail will not open. Period. It insists I change the resolution which I have done and it still will not open my e-mail. I am going to stab myself in the eye.

I have been trying various photo editing programs and that was elevating my blood pressure several mm of mercury. Photoscape has some cool features but I find it difficult to use. Stabbing the other other eye.
Picnik closing is very very bad.

Then while attempting to get these images into a new post here on Blogger my task bar for Olive Out stops working.  Okay, GAME OVER, I said to myself and shut down the computer and went outside and cut grass with my push mower and potted some variegated ivy. Outside work clears my head and helps me solve problems and prevents self stabbing.

I returned to the computer and restored it to six days ago thereby deleting any programs I had installed and any virus that tagged along.
It worked. 

The dried roses above were given to me by my hairstylist, friend, and owner of the shop featured on the last post. She was given the roses from a client and I said I would love to dry them and here they are. I strip all the leaves and secure the roses in a bundle with a rubber band then use string to hang them upside down in a cool dry room, Joe's shop in this case.

Thanks bunches Judy.

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may joy and peace surround you


  1. Sorry you have been having so many computer problems Olive, I just hate that... your dried roses are beautiful!... I am envious of you being out in your garden, it is freezing here still!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh, my don't go stabbing yourself. I wish I could go out and cut our weeds, but taking care of hubby and Leila. Missing out on this gorgeous weather.

  3. Computer problems can be the worst.... I have been playing around with photo editing ~
    I really like, I did a post this weekend, but I do not see Collage feature, but contacted the site, told them, it would be a wise move to do Collage, for all the Picnik users.... I guess I will try Photoscape, to see how that is~ have a great week & Less computer problems

  4. I hate having computer issues. Glad you got things cleared up. Love the roses.

  5. System Restore is such a brilliant feature. I wish somebody would invent the human version. Now that would be handy, or perhaps they already have and it's called 'a nice cup of tea'

  6. The images are wonderful, Olive.

    Stay with Photoscape for a bit. It takes awhile to figure it out. I absolutely love it and I am not a techy kinda gal.

  7. You did still have lovely photos!! I am so glad you shared!!

  8. Hi Olive, You've had a terrible computer day! Happy all is well and you didn't stab your eye out. Your dried roses are lovely and you sure caught my eye when I spied the Quimper! Lovely photographs.
    Hope you have a good week now that the computer is ok……

    The French Hutch

  9. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the computer. I've had days like that - do you have a pc or a Mac? I have not heard of the option of restoring back to another time - this sounds like a wonderful solution! Love the pictures! You did fantastic!
    I should be weeding!

  10. Olive, I'm thrilled to hear you did not stab yourself! I probably would have! I detest computer problems! Good idea to go mow. Okay, back to your flowers, they are gorgeous, I love the color too. You did an awesome job of drying them!

  11. Sorry you've had a rough Monday! Judging by how upset everyone is about Picnik I can tell I really needed to do more with it than just adding snowflakes to my dancing pig header:@) I'll have to really look into whatever the next program is everyone likes. Have a great night!

  12. You are doing a great job, we all have to keep learning. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  13. Sometimes everything goes swimmingly with the computer, but at other times, oh dear! I used to be on Skype all of the time to my son asking for his help, now I try to work things out so I must have improved slightly.
    The photos are lovely.

  14. Kathy, I have a PC. Would be thrilled to have a Mac but have no Mac money. Or Rebel camera money either. Must be content with what I have:)

  15. Love the roses and glad you stepped away and took out your frustration with the push mower. I have leaves to rake, would you like to alleviate some more stress? Ann

  16. Sorry about your computer woes. It is not fun, but definitely not worth losing an eye or two over. BTW, I love that blue cup on the bottom!!!

  17. O'Olive, I'm so glad that you didn't hurt yourself and that you were able to take your frustration out on the mower! Your dried flowers are beautiful! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  18. put that knife down!!
    It will be ok. The roses are so pretty.

  19. Your flowers are gorgeous. They are such beautiful colors and even show their beautify dried. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Aw! I hate computer problems! With a purple passion! Glad restore fixed things. I've been using Photoscape for a long time now. At least a couple of years. More than that, I think. I love it. And actually, I find it very easy to use. I believe once you've used it for a few days, you'll think so too. The flowers and your pictures are beautiful, btw.

  21. Don't fret, it seems that we all have computer problems. It doesn't make sense, and is SOOO frustrating, but it does happen. Kind of like a flat tire at the worst possible time. Take a deep breath, and find help, just like you would find a mechanic to solve the tire problem. Your pictures are beautiful. Cheer up, it will get better I promise. No eye stabbing, just eat a little something sweet and CARRY ON!


  22. Poor poor Olive! I'm so sorry you've had such puter problems! I'm bummed too about Picnik! It's too bad. I don't know why they can't leave things alone. All in the name of progress! :) Well, you had better protect your gorgeous peepers and don't go poking yourself in the eyes! :) I don't know what you did, but these snaps are beautiful!
    Be a sweetie and go get an extra thick chocolate milkshake! Works every time.
    Shelia ;)

  23. This is funny of course because it isn't happening to me but your line on stabbing your eye. I always say that. I know how frustrating it can be on these computers. I think sometimes it is best to just shut it off and go do something productive. I use photobucket. Not fancy but easy.

  24. It's a good thing you took a breather outside...otherwise Picnik wouldn't have been the only thing your eyes!
    I've come to the conclusion, updating anything technical is for the young and foolish.

  25. I really am in denial about Picnik closing -- hoping and praying that they change their minds, lol. Your dried roses are breathtaking :)

    Hoping and praying a GREAT Tuesday for you :)


  26. Please don't stab yourself in the eye my friend!! So sorry to hear that you are having these frustrating problems. Your dried roses are spectacular. I love them!


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