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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joe Started the New Year

Cat Wrestling

Clovis, while a cuddler, holds no love for being picked up.

He escaped.

Sometimes a post presents itself whether you have sun or not. 
If cat wrestling occurs and the camera is handy I say snap, snap. 
Clovis was not harmed by the way.

Happy New Year Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers


  1. Happy New Year dear friend!
    Love your kitty antics shots!
    My two are napping, surprise surprise!
    May have to get them busy to help me to start taking down the Christmas trees. You know how they love chasing lights and strands.

    Wishing you the very best in the coming year!


  2. I L*O*V*E Clovis!*!*! Smiles... OliVe YOU are always a bright spot in my day...
    HaPPy New Year...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. Too cute. Clovis reminds me of my sweet Rusty. I miss him.

  4. :-) Cat vs. man... my money is on the cat!! LOL Fun shots!

  5. Oh, how I miss having a cat in the house. My sweet little dog is a herder and cats just don't like that activity one alas, we're a dog only household now -- I've always had a fondness for those ginger-colored boys -- Clovis is a great name :)

    Happy New Year!


  6. Girl...your cat tops mine any day! that's what I call trying to herd cats.
    Happy New Year and thanks for the giggle!
    P.S. BTW...down in these parts...we call it wrasslin'!

  7. LOL Clovis 1, Joe 0. How much fun. Hope y'all have a great New Year. Looks like Clovis is off to a good start. :)

  8. My cuddler cat does not like to be picked up either, aloof cat will let me pick him up and sling him over my shoulder..carry him like a baby. Go figure?

  9. Little Clovis....he doesn't know how wonderful being held can be. Our dog hates when my husband picks him up...I think it is because he is so tall....I can pick him up all I want! What would we do without our babies?

  10. Happy New Year Olive! Wishing you all the best in 2012-enjoy:@)

  11. Clovis is awfully cute! Happy New Year to you and Joe!


  12. Oh Olive,
    Your Clovis is such a beautiful cat......he is very much like our first cat called Jaffa who we had for 20 years. Your photographs are wonderful and Joe looks as if she is enjoying himself !!
    Many thanks for all of your support this year and here's to lots more blogging friendship in 2012. With much love for a Happy, healthy and peaceful 2012 from my family to yours. XXXX

  13. Happy New Year to you & Joe! Kudos to you for having the camera looks like Clovis was moving fast!


  14. I've got a cat like Clovis though she is a tabby. She lurks and leaps on to my shoulders if I'm bending over something and thinks it's a hoot to jump into the laundry basket when I'm hanging the washing out. Come to think of it - Clovis is a little angel by the side of this one.

  15. Happy New Year Olive,Clovis and Joe, cat wrangler's extraordinaire. Ann

  16. Clovis is a beautiful cat! Hope Joe wasn't hurt in the making of that post. Hee Hee!! Happy New Year to you all.

  17. Ha!
    Joe looks like a real good sport!
    It's pretty here in NW GA today so we joined our motorcycle club on the annual New Year's Good Luck Ride & ate BBQ!
    Happy New Year!

  18. Wishing you and Joe and Clovis a very Happy New Year! Trying hard to have camera always handy!


  19. Mom and I were
    just talking about
    the kind of cats
    that we like, today!
    For us, it's the kind
    that are more like
    dogs, which probably
    explains a lot : ) You
    know, they jump on
    your lap, follow you
    around, knead your
    legs, etc. Cute pics!
    Happy New Year,
    my little friend. May
    it be truly joy-FULL.

    xx Suzanne

  20. Too cute little Clovis!... Happy New Year to you and Joe and Clovis dear Olive... xoxo Julie Marie

  21. Funny and sweet set of shots.

    Happy New Year.

  22. Yay, Joe!
    And double Yay plus XOXO for Clovis! I love that cat, and he doesn't even know that I exist!

  23. Well that sure makes ya smile. How cute is Clovis! Happy New Year Olive.

  24. This was so much fun to see, I love Clovis too, the more I hear about him.
    My Herbert used to like to jump onto my shoulder, now and then but now he's abit too heavy.
    Wishing you joy and happiness in 2012, Olive.

    P.S. Thanks for reading over at my blog, the other day!


  25. Looks like Clovis won the wrestling match!

  26. Love the Clovis cute!
    Happy New Year Olive!


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