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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Muffins and Thank You

All of you get a virtual muffin this morning.
For listening to me "carry on" yesterday. 
Thank you.

Double chocolate muffins for all even if they are rather short...oops.

I would send each of you an ivy if it were possible. 
I have been transplanting and rooting ivy like a fiend.

By the way all these images were edited in Photoscape and it is getting easier and it does have many features that are wonderful. I watched their tutorial last night and it is quite helpful. I have managed to watermark these images. Now I must learn to use the Batch Editor. That is my next goal.

I still have no access to my e-mail and am trying not to think about it.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. Your pics are looking good, my dear! I use Picasa, have you tried it? I think it is actually easier than Photoscape. I do use Photoscape for my mosaics and some other things, but my go to download for pics and editing is Picasa. I wish I could have a sprig of ivy from ya. That I could possibly grow! Brown thumb here! LOL
    xo Sue

  2. Yummy! Thanks and your pictures are looking great. What good is a blog if you can't rant once in awhile, right? Ann

  3. Olive,
    The ivy and the muffins are looking delectable. And here I am, haven't had breakfast yet. (I put it off as long as possible when I have the day off so I won't be hungry again so soon. Kinda dumb, but it works.)
    Now to catch up on yesterday's post...

  4. love your posts..yesterdays too.. :-) thanks for the muffin ...I have been trying out Photoscape too..made a few this morning that I liked ..I still have a lot to learn like where in the heck do my photos go when I save them??? LOL some are still floating around out there 'somewhere'....I really enjoy your humor..makes me smile from the inside out!....

  5. They look delish Olive... I am taking two please, hope you don't mind!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. After you figure it all out, please do a tutorial. I'm talking with my mouth full... (:

  7. ALL my faves -- chocolate anything, muffins AND ivy -- wish I could have a cutting :)


  8. Your muffins and ivy are looking good. I have some ivy potted too so it will be ready to plant in my window boxes whenever spring arrives. I have a geranium that was looking like Jacks beanstalk so I cut off the top and potted it too. I'll do a post on that soon.
    I am going to have to try Photoscape so I know how to edit my pictures when Picnic goes away.
    Hope you are having a better day today.
    Hugs, Barb

  9. Oh, thank you SO much for that double choc muffin, my friend. How lovely of you! I use Picasa and Picnik, although I know that Picnik are going to be closing down in a couple of months. Perhaps I'll have a go with Photoscape.

  10. Oh my, so thankful I dropped in! I needed something delicious! Hey ranting and all, good for us, release, release...all will be okay. That is my affirmation! I truly enjoy your blog posts Miss Olive~

  11. The virtual muffins look delicious. and because they're virtual that means they are calorie free as well so I can eat two. yum yum.


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive