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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday With Olive and Joe

The cloche that has been posted here a squillion times but with a different object in it each time.
Joe and I are awake at o'dark thirty to garage sale and then I am cooking for friends tonight. 
On the menu is faux grilled chicken tenders, broccoli with lemon and balsamic vinegar, and hash brown casserole filled with mushroom and red peppers. 
I have whole wheat artisan rolls as well and our friends are bring dessert. 
It is good to have food and conversation. 
We are blessed.
What are your weekend plans?

This is set to Auto post and thanks to Pam and Claudia it should work.

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  1. Hi Olive. Hope you picked up some nice things at the garage sale! We are going to a friend's house this evening for a meal. As you say, food and friendship - what more could you want! Enjoy!

  2. Well, your cloche looks lovely and sounds like you're going to have a wonderful day and evening! We're on our way to a fancy evening tonight!
    Be a sweetie,

  3. Oh sounds so good! We are going out tonight to celebrate Mr and SIL birthdays that are in Feb 13/14. it is just too crazy to go out then so we decided to go in Jan and perk us up!

  4. Love cloche, I don't have one and really need one. Have fun thrifting. Laura

  5. I love the way the cloche is sitting on 'The Wild Olive'! H and I are alone. I have made a pot of Minestrone which we shall have with warm Olive (there we go again!) Ciabatta and Parmesan, followed by chocolate cake made by H. Enjoy your evening.

  6. Getting up at dark o'thirty is hard work in the winter, We only get up in the middle of the night go the the car boot sales during the summer. Hope you get some good 'finds'. The meal you're preparing tonight sounds delicious.

  7. Looks like it worked! Dinner sounds delicious. I'll be right over.


  8. I was up at "o'dark thirty" this morning as well. It's a puttering, grocery shopping, snow shoveling (the light fluffy kind), library sort of day. Thanks for linking to "Sunlit Sunday", Olive! My post will magically appear at 7 pm this evening (EST).

  9. I think it is amazing how a garden tool in the Victorian days has become such a decorative thing today. That is need. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  10. I like your o'dark thirty reference. I try to avoid that hour. Dinner sounds yummy. Save some hash brown casserole for me.

  11. You busy bee! I got up and met a friend for breakfast and then came home and goofed off trying to get rid of my "vacation cold". Your dinner sounds yummy. Auto-post is the best! Ann

  12. Beautiful, Olive! Love the peacock orb....Christine

  13. That's the beauty of a cloche, they're so versatile. Your dinner sounds delicious to share with friends.

  14. I love the way the light is shining on your cloche and the old book. I like the name of the book too.
    I hope you found some good things at the garage sales, and a nice dinner party tonight.

  15. Olive,
    We had a "junkin'" day in Arcadia. I shall do a post later in the week. Found a couple of "treasures". Today is a football day for Jack and I shall knit. Love your cloche arrangement.


  16. Did you have a good day garage 'sale'ing? I was up early this morning and rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise.

  17. Wonderful bit of sunlight!!! Have a grand day!! Cathy

  18. Oh, did you get some neat things at the garage sales?
    I wish we had more garage sales here in the winter, rather than when it's 105 degrees.
    Your menu sounds delicious..lucky dinner guests.
    Have a great Sunday.


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