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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perfume Bottles

Joe and I have been shopping at thrift stores today.
This morning we priced and boxed items we are selling at three consignment stores near our old house.
Here are some perfume bottles I especially like.

This one is lead crystal and to the right of it is a vintage apothecary jar I found at the estate sale on Saturday.

The perfume bottle on the left was made in Czechoslovakia.

Sometimes when we are out thrifting a theme emerges and today was one of those days because at Habitat for Humanity ReStore we found perfume bottle stoppers.

They are adorable and if I am not mistaken I have two little perfume bottles sans stoppers at one of the consignment stores I sell at.

The wood tissue boxes in the background are from Italy.
The strange aspect about me liking perfume bottles is I detest perfume as it gives me a headache but the quality and beauty in these bottles is hard to deny.
I want to keep them all.
Can you blame me?

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  1. I love them too, and don't blame you one bit! I, like you, don't wear perfume and for the very same reasons...headache's!

  2. Sooooo pretty!

    I love your header, too!


  3. Beautiful bottles! No perfume here, the only scents I like are either flowers or from the kitchen:@)

  4. Hi Olive
    I see you have a new look over here! Looks great.
    The perfume bottles are beautiful, nice your hubby likes to thrift too.
    Mine would be miserable...
    Blessings today

  5. These perfume bottles are absolutely beautiful! What great finds.
    Mary Alice

  6. these are beautiful, I'd have to keep them, my dear!! xoxo

  7. Those bottles are just beautiful, Olive! Even the toppers are gorgeous!

  8. Those are really pretty. I bet they will sell quickly. They would be so pretty on a silver tray.

  9. someone will buy those up right away! Very pretty!

  10. The perfume bottles and the stoppers are beautiful!

  11. Love your new header! Your perfume bottles are gorgeous. I have a small collection of them, but I haven't added to my collection in a long while.

  12. Can't blame you a bit. They are beautiful. Sounds like a good day...thrifting and working at the same time. You are a lucky girl!

  13. These bottles you found are beautiful and real treasures.

  14. I find that themes often emerge when I thrift shop too.

  15. I agree. They are so pretty. I like how they reflect light with all of their facets. I love seeing them grouped together on a tray too.

  16. I can't blame you for wanting to keep them, they're lovely! I'm your newest follower, please drop by when you have a chance.

  17. Everything is looking fresh and pretty around here! Love the new header and your new bottles.
    I see them sitting on a Silver tray with a pretty hand mirror and a beautiful old hairbrush.
    Happy Wednesday and hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  18. Those are so pretty. Isn't it weird when a theme happens like that. BTW, perfume give me a headache too.

  19. I don't blame you for wanting to keep them...they are very pretty!! Have a great day!!

  20. They are beautiful. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  21. I agree beautiful bottles! I'd keep them *winks*...Or send them to someone named Vanna....Yes that would be the RIGHT thing to do LOL! Vanna

  22. These photos are absolutely beauuuutifuuuul! Enjoyed today!


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