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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet, Her Not Me

A new teapot centered on our dining table.

My sister-in-law, Sue, gave it to me.
She has a green one that I had admired.
I wanted to take it home with me.
 So she bought me one.
Her not me.

I really like the curvy basket the teapot rests in, at the moment, and am not inclined to take it out quite yet. 
We have a lot of items stored in the dining room as we moved a piano here the day after Christmas and the plants must come inside off the deck at some point.
Life is perfectly imperfect and we would not have it any other way. 
We want a jute rug in this room one day to neutralize the floor.

Look at the detail on this vintage table scarf.
Blanket stitch used to be one of my favorite stitches.

Linking with Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. It is nice to have a sister in law that knows what you want!

  2. Aww, she is sweet, the teapot is and so are you, Miss Olive!

  3. I love the table scarf. Did you make it? The color is so pretty. You have such a way of writing. Were you or are you a writer?

  4. I like the use of blanket stitch on the runner, very nice.

  5. Love the shape of your dining chairs! Timeless....

  6. the basket of teapots are gorgeous and they look as if they've just been made for your table.

  7. It's beautiful, Olive and I love the embroidered cloth.

    Happy New Year!

  8. I'm loving that vintage table scarf Clovis and your new little tea pot.
    Happy New Year and hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  9. Love it, Olive. And I like that it is perfectly imperfect at your is at mine too!

  10. Olive,
    I think it's nice to just enjoy something special for awhile, before putting it on the shelf, a way of honouring the gift, and cherishing the giver of the gift.
    This coral colour is so pretty.

  11. I love that table scarf. I have some napkins that have a similar stitching on them. Well, they have a blue stitched flower, so that's close enough for me. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

  12. @Elaine, I am not a writer but I am a reader. I read at least two or more books a week and that helps with the writing a lot. Thanks for the compliment Elaine because the writing is very hard for me. I did not make this table scarf but in my twenties I used to make many embroidered pieces such as this.

  13. The table scarf is really pretty, Olive. I really like your header photos, as well.

  14. Gorgeous table scarf, Olive! You don't see work like that anymore. It makes me think of the dresser scarves my Mom and grandmothers used to have many years ago.

  15. Fabulous linens and such a creative idea with the teapots. Thanks for joiing TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. what a nice gift! and that table runner is wonderful, I love the workmanship of old linens!


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