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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Visitors and Madness

In a moment of what can only be called Costco Madness I purchased ten pounds of old fashioned oats at our newly constructed store.

So I will be having this for breakfast.

Every day until next Halloween.

Today has been fun and awful. 
The fun part was my baby sister came over for lunch and I made salad with butter lettuce and grape tomatoes with grilled chicken.
It is lovely to have a home in close proximity to my little sis. 
She looks like me and is sixteen years younger than me.
The awful part is when she was here I discovered that we have a mouse in my recently cleaned pantry. 
I am sure it is after the oatmeal.

may joy and peace surround you



  1. Ugh! Don't even talk to me about mice! I've declared war on them out here in the sticks!

    There is so much you can do with oatmeal! Yummy.

  2. Oooohhhh, set the trap...get up on a the squeely ugh....oh, that is me...sorry!

  3. We have lived here for 4 years and not seen one mouse. There was a mouse nest in Hubby's grill out on the deck, but did not see the critter. I think it is because we have snakes in the area and lots of Turkey Vultures that soar overhead who take care of the mice for us. Also, no grain fields here either which mice love.... no oatmeal fields either... LOL

  4. Looks like the oats are going to have to live in a big tin. How lovely to live near your sister, to be able to see her often

  5. Olive I bought that same 10 lb-er at Costco! So we'll both be lowering our cholesterol since I'll also be eating it for the rest of my life! Lol! I like to sprinkle mine with cinnamon on top of the fruit and pretend it's cobbler *winks*...Yeah it's a stretch I know.
    And you are so lucky to have your little sis so close by!..And even luckier that she makes you lunch. Mine expect me to always do the cooking. *winks*
    I'm sad to hear that the same thing with the antique stores is going on near you as well. If we lose any more of them here you'll probably hear me crying in my oatmeal because I don't like to do "new" *sighs* Vanna

  6. That is too funny. Enjoy that oatmeal before the mouse does.

  7. No Costco here but I often time get Sam's Club madness - that bulk stuff is just so tempting, lol. Oatmeal is not a bad thing to be stuck with :)

    The great mouse chase goes on every winter in the basement - rarely does one find it's way upstairs :)


  8. LOVE your new header, Girlie! I see your little yellow house is there! I'm laughing over the oatmeal mouse. He knows something yummy and nutritious when he smells it. You might get lucky and he could help you eat it. That way it would only last until Memorial Day !! xoxo

  9. Yikes!!!

    Oh my heavens Olive that is a heck of a lot of oatmeal! That photographs does look so yummy and your lunch sounds yummy too! Aww, to have a little sis, how fun!

  10. This made me giggle, although I'm sure it's not funny to you.
    I think the mouse came in WITH the oatmeal. Sheesh, a whole family of them could probably hide in 10 lbs!
    <: )---'

    LOVE the new header.


  11. Yes, that mouse just intuitively knew that you had a humongous amount of cereal just for him!! LOL Now I want to know how long it is going to take you to go through all that oatmeal! It would take us forever. Maybe if I made cookies vs. a 1/2 cup of cereal it would go faster!
    ha ha
    hugs, Sue

  12. Sounds like there's enough to go around! Hate those varmints...

  13. I think I would make some cookies as well...I could eat that much for breakfast! A mouse...oh I hate when they get inside...we had one going after our potatoes a while back and making a bed in my house was bad!!!

  14. Love the new header. You're getting all fancy on me! I'll come down and have some oats with you. I love the stuff. Unfortunately I love it with TONS of brown sugar, so it's not exactly a healthy choice for me.

  15. Ok all my problems I thought I had are nothing compared to those awful vermin! I'm screaming at the thought!
    I sure hope you run them out fast!


  16. Oh, Olive! Just remember that your colon will thank you! LOL
    I'm sure that little mousey just wanted in from the cold and the oats are just an easy dinner. I have a kitty that would LOVE to help you out!

  17. Hi Olive,
    I buy oats from Costco too, so my toddler son and I often have breakfast similar to yours (which, by the way, looks so delicious). My son demands jam on top of his, but I add fresh fruits to mine.

  18. Cannot wait until Costco opens near me. Hate the mice in the house. I had two cats when we lived in Maine who took care of the problem. Mothballs help but not near the food....


  19. Hey Olive-

    Your blog looks drop dead gorgeous.
    I am ready for some changes too!

    I have a mouse too! I am a early riser and he shocked me one morning! Yuk-

    It is finally cold here- hope you have a great weekend.


  20. If you like baked oatmeal, I've recently tried a pumpkin and a banana baked oatmeal both of which are fabulous. I also make bread with old-fashioned oatmeal - look for some cookie recipes for Sunday School...

    You can do it!! (beat that mouse).

  21. Oh no!! I'm sure the little mouse was probably after the oatmeal. Perhaps you could store it somewhere else!! (Although I guess the little mouse might follow it wherever you put it. Hee Hee!!). That sounded a lovely lunch that you made for your baby sister. As you say, a blessing indeed that you live quite close to her.


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