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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cat Interrupted

I was attempting to photograph my fuzzy plant.
 Clovis was not having it.

He sat down on the landscape timber next to me and struck some 
poses for the camera as is his habit.
 He is always close by my side.

Here is the fuzzy plant.
 It blooms late in summer and really is an odd plant and was labeled an annul when I bought it two years ago in a hanging basket. It was not named thus I have no idea what it is.

We keep this terracotta tray filled with water on this corner for the birds, cat, and the puppy. 
All drink from it but not at the same time. 
Clovis is far too lazy to go after the birds and they know it.
The terracotta tray was cleaned today. 

I push mowed the front yard this morning and finally we have green grass. 
After seven inches of rain it is thick and beautiful. 
We do not water or fertilize our lawn pods. 
We are most grateful for the rain.


Tomorrow CC and I are visiting the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens and Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. I will be taking many photographs of flowers at the botanical gardens.

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  1. Botanical gardens are first rate for pictures. Clovis will be jealous.

  2. That's a pretty plant, Olive. I have no idea what it is.
    Will look forward to all the beautiful flowers from the botanical gardens.

  3. We had a "Clovis" named Morris for many years ~ your pix of him always make my happy-sad. Enjoy your adventure into the Botanicals!

  4. P.S. I imagine there was some tail-swishing that went along with that pose (:

  5. Clovis seems to have a bit of an attitude. Have fun at the gardens. sounds like a great place to photograph!

  6. Hi Olive. Enjoy your visit to the Botanical Gardens with your daughter. I haven't seen that plant before, so I can't really help you with the name! I always love to see photos of Clovis! He looks to be quite a character.

  7. Olive,
    I'm always quick to read you posts, especially when they contain Clovis!
    He's dashing as ever.
    Interesting plant. I've never seen it either.
    Have a great day tomorrow at the gardens!

  8. Have I mentioned my favorite great-uncle was named Clovis? He was quite the top cat too!
    I'm thinking your fuzzy plant is an herb...but what do I know. It looks like one I've seen. Does it have a scent when you brush the leaves?

    1. No scent Deb. Clovis is a great name. Clovis is in charge here for sure.

  9. interesting fuzzy plant...and fuzzy cat! I'm with Clovis, too much effort to chase birds. He and I would get along great. Have fun tomorrow!

  10. So Clovis is a camera hog?! My pets have to be asleep for me to catch a shot! I like your fuzzy plant, it reminds me a bit of lamb's Ear...maybe it's related.

    We have gotten a lot of rain and the grass is green where it didn't die out. I hope that part comes back. Crazy summer!


  11. Dear Olive - I agree with Blondie - I think that it is some form of Stachys or though which one I am not sure - i.e. common name lamb's ears.

  12. My first thought was Lamb's Ear. I think it shaped differently but it does get a little lavendar colored flower. But don't trust me, I am not a gardener.
    Love CLovis' attitude.

  13. Hi Olive! Oh, I don't know what your fuzzy plant is but it has a pretty little bloom on it. Now your fuzzy little Clovis is always adorable.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Clovis is very photogenic! Cool looking plant, never saw that particular one before so I hope someone is familiar. Have fun tomorrow:@)

  15. Your cat needs more attention...haha! Enjoy your day at the gardens. I would love to go there sometime!

  16. Oh gosh~!!! I love Clovis! Your photos are beautiful Olive and it was so fun to peek into your garden and yard. Can't help you on the fuzzy plant, but I think it's so pretty.
    It's so good to come over to your house and see what's been going on. 7 Inches of rain? WOW, that's a lot of wet!

  17. Olive~ I love Clovis's catitude :) I was going to say your plant looked like a variety of Lamb's Ear but that's a perennial. I love the trillium shaped blooms~

  18. Your cat is so pretty. Not sure if I've shared this with you before, but my grandfather's name was Clovis, and I ADORED him! If my youngest had been a boy, I would've named her Clovis, too.

  19. What a pretty plant and Clovis is a sweetie!


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