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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Prayer

Dear Father, you are the Vine and I am a branch. 
When circumstances spiral out of control and I begin to fret and worry. 
Mama's worry you know, Lord.  Please take away my fretfulness.
I know you are in control. 
Thank you for being aware of my every need. 

"I am the Vine, you are the branches......But if you make yourselves at home with me and my words at home in you, you can be sure, that whatsoever you ask will be listened to and acted upon.  John 15 The Message Bible



  1. I love those verses Olive. It sounds as those things could be a little bit difficult for you at this moment in time and my own prayers are right alongside yours. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  2. I typed 'those' when I meant to write 'though'. Keep strong xx

  3. Olive, My neighbor of old, gave me a plaque said cast your cares upon Him , for He careth for you. I don't think we are suppose to worry. But there are times when I feel that I have my Mom's worry gene.LOL She was a hugh worrier. I have had days where all I have done, is's usually about my children or g.children. I have you in my prayers today. Just keep your faith .xoxo, Susie

  4. I love that verse, Olive. Whatever your worry is, give it to him. I'll pray for you, and you pray for me. I'm sometimes guilty of fret and worry too.

  5. Such a beautiful prayer... that verse is the one the Lord spoke to me concerning the shop. I needed to just cling and he would do the rest. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  6. One of my favorite Bible verses, Olive! Thanks for sharing it today.
    Have a Blessed Sunday.

  7. Yes mommas worry. I keep a little journal and it helps me to write it down and get it out of my head for a bit.

  8. Good message. We have a Savior who loves us and is merciful - AND in complete control. Good post.

  9. don't know how I made my way here this morning...well, yes I do...I was being led, and now I know why. Your post has touched my heart today, a heart that has been so restless and fearful. Your verse reminds me that I am not the one in control and that I must have patience. Thank you for putting a smile in my heart today, hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  10. Mama's do worry - and this Mama finds that too often what she worries about she cannot control.


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