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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1960's Linens

Linens straight from an estate sale on Saturday.

A 1960's apron with Ric Rac. 
Look at the fabric. 
It has a clock and a cake on a pedestal.

A sweet little kitchen valance.
 If it would fit over my sink it would be there but it is not wide enough.
Clovis is attempting to get in the shot. See his tail on the left?

An embroidered pillow case and a cross stitched tablecloth.

All of them have been soaked in hot water and OxyClean. 
Now they are air drying. 
Then I iron. 
Ironing is my favorite step after finding them.

 I noticed my watermarks are crazy different. I am back at Photoscape for editing my images and have nearly forgotten how to use the site. Apparently I have forgotten how to watermark. 
To add to that I changed my header and it is way off center as you can see. The beautiful header is by Diane Cayton-Haykey of the Dish blog. Totally need to do something with that ad and learn how to fix that header but I am off to the bookstore to trade a Jeep full of books. Then we are looking for a chest for our bedroom. I will be back later tonight.

happy thrifting


  1. Those are fresh and delightful! I wish I could be like you and enjoy ironing. Nope, can't like it!

  2. The cross stitch brings back memories! That's the only kind of handy work that I could ever do.

  3. Great vintage linens and drying rack. They bring back so many memories of my childhood. I know what you mean about your favorite part being would be mine, too.

  4. Oh, I love all the patterns on your new found linens, they really bring back memories! Another great collection! :)


  5. Such beautiful finds Olive. I love ironing old linens, there is something very satisfying about it. Good luck on your little excursion.

  6. Love the colors in the of my favorite combos.

  7. I love old linens, Olive, and the ones you have just bought are really lovely. The kitchen vallance is very pretty. I would enjoy ironing them as well!

  8. I have made my header longer and put different coloured lettering in it. I have made it longer so that I can show larger photos. However, I am on Safari and it looks perfectly fine. When I looked at in on Internet Explorer it looks different. I also noticed that I have overlapping issues in comments on Internet Explorer. It is all too complicated for me. I will not be changing it again.

  9. I saw that first print fabric and immediately thought of reminded me of her background.

  10. Beautiful! Love the embroidery on the pillow case.

  11. What gorgeous linens and I love the photos. You're a wonderful photographer.


  12. Beautiful finds Olive! Your photos are gorgeous, as well.

  13. Lovin' that great apron, fun colors and design-enjoy:@)

  14. There's just something so warm and cozy about vintage linens. Great pics, Olive.

  15. I love vintage linens and I need to put Oxyclean on my list to buy! I know it really makes a difference! These are so beautiful!

  16. I am in love with these!! I always just look at 50 and 60s linens on ebay. I did buy a blue one earlier this summer with a clock and some kitchen utensils on it. They are lovely and how wonderful to find them!!!!

  17. Lovely vintage finds Olive. Linens make a home feel so cozy to me. Enjoy your shopping.

    The French Hutch

  18. I love vintage linens! I started collecting them a few years ago and have even been given some by my 90 year old gandmother...priceless

  19. Olive,
    So cool, so 60's! The apron is the cutest thing! You found some great stuff!

  20. If I found some vintage linens like yours, I'd be happy to iron them!

  21. They must have a wonderful story to tell... if only they could talk! I love the cheery designs on vintage linens! Great tip about hot water and oxyclean!

  22. Beautiful vintage tablecloths, can't wait to see how you will use these.

  23. Linen love for sure. What a haul...and I think your header looks fab!

    1. Thanks Ann because I sure cannot get it centered and it is making me CRAZY.

  24. What a beautiful display for those gorgeous linens Olive! Enjoy your day, Gail

  25. Beautiful finds Olive. That print with the clocks and cakes is so cute.

  26. Hi Olive! Oh,what sweet linens you found. I see you have a drying rack too. I love these little things. Your header is pretty and I'm sure you'll figure out how to center it. Have fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. I love old linens also like the rest of the world today
    I did get one old tablecloth from my friend Donna,s sale it was her grandmothers

    I like your pink or red embroidery table cloth and I always pick up the old aprons for my daughter she has them hanging in her kitchen on a rack

    I like your wooden drying rack , I sold my years ago and use a wire one now

    nothing like oxiclean to clean old linens I love it
    thanks for coming over to visit my blog

  28. Olive, I love the treasures you found. They look so fresh drying. I love old linens too. Smiles, xo, Susie

  29. Two thumbs up! popped in from Wow Us Wednesday ~

  30. Since you love ironing so much, I'll send my husband's shirts down to you. I like the new header. Off sides and all.

  31. What worthless for other is a treasure for those people that has
    value for small things. I like the cross stitched tablecloth.
    Plumbers Geelong

  32. I'm loving the kitchen valance if you still have it and want to sell/ ship to Savannah I would like to know the size and how much ?
    Happy Friday hugs, Cherry

  33. Love old linens and yours are very nice! But you and I have already had the ironing conversation. LOL


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