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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Girl Is Home

Our own "Korean" soccer player.

Photo courtesy of Professor Daniel. 
CC studied Korean at The Summer Language Institute where a soccer tournament between language classes was mandatory.
Their headbands say "Into The Fire" which is from a Korean film they watched.
 They played against Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and other language students and lost. 
However, they were the best dressed soccer players. 

CC said " Mama I can't kick a ball"

I said "How's that?"

She replied "I kick people."

I replied "What?"

She stated rather seriously" Mother, I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do."

Oh dear.

She has only two weeks off and then returns to college.
 I may be stealth blogging a bit when I can. 
I am enjoying this Korean soccer player until then. 
Bad kicking and all.

joy and peace


  1. How wonderful!

    A Black Belt is very impressive, indeed!


  2. they look like a great bunch of kids. Enjoy these next couple of weeks with your Sweetie-pie Girl!

  3. Olive, enjoy your two weeks with CC. Sounds like that language course was intense, yet that they had fun and really bonded along the way. What a great experience. Ann

  4. How cute is this picture? So cute... Have fun with your daughter. Thanks for always stopping by with your inspirational comments. Have a great time the next couple of weeks.


  5. Korean immersion class, my brain hurts just thinking about it. I guess that is why you should learn languages when you are young! Have fun with your daughter before she goes back to school! Laura

  6. Looks like they had fun! Have a wonderful couple weeks while your daughter is home.

  7. Enjoy your daughter whilst she is home - make every minute count, time flies by so quickly.

  8. She's a busy girl. I hope she has a lovely time at home with you for her break.

  9. Your girl is a cutie pie! looks a lot like you... :-)
    I get to spend the night with my girl tomorrow night and then a fun day of shopping in Atlanta on Saturday...these girls of ours are really something special aren't they? even when they are all grown up....
    have fun enjoying CC...

  10. Well done to the Korean team. Lovely photo of them all. CC looks very happy. Love the red and white socks :0)

  11. Enjoy this special time with her! She'll have you learning some new moves!

  12. Looks like they're all having fun! Enjoy your time with her:@)

  13. Sweet! What memories
    were made there, I'm sure.
    Enjoy her, Mama!

    xo Suzanne

  14. Have a wonderful time with your special girl!

  15. Enjoy your time with her Olive. and we will look forward to your return and your lovely posts. XXXX

  16. What an adorable soccer player! It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you dress :) Enjoy your CC time!

  17. How do you say in Korean "I got a kick out of this post"?
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  18. I cannot even imagine how intense her class was. I probably would have gone running out of the college in the middle of the night mumbling some curse words in Korean. Have fun and do a lot fun relaxing things.

  19. I hope you will spend as much time as you can with your daughter and stay away from blogging. :)


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