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Friday, August 24, 2012

What's Blooming? Please Help

I wish I knew what was blooming.
 But they are pretty. 
My blogging friend Rosemary from the U.K. is terribly impressive 
and knows the Latin botanical names of all her plants.
 I will never get there I am afraid. 
I purchased this four foot tall tree like plant at a neighborhood sale.  
The lady I bought it from did not know the name of it either.
 Perhaps we are distant cousins?
 Anyway it bloomed at end of summer. 
Pale yellow blossoms just as she said it would.

Clovis must be included in all garden posts even if out of focus.

My beauty shop friend, Miss Nola, gave me this grass. 
She gave me forty-five plants that day.
I did not question her about each one. 
Most were day lilies.
I had no idea this grass bloomed little delicate orange blossoms. 
I nearly allowed Shelley Puppy to dig it up once.
 Big Rascal Puppy.

If you can help me by naming these two please do.

happy gardening


  1. I'm sorry Olive but I have no idea. I planted something in 2 containers last year that are now huge and green but they have not one bud or flower. I can't for the life of me remember what they are or if they had blooms or not. I sure hope they bloom eventually! I love a mystery plant...

  2. Sorry,no help here....yesterday I wanted to comment on your darling chair...but for the life of me, your blog would not let me!! Seems fine today!

  3. Dear Olive - I wish I did know all of the names but some do elude me. I do know your grass like plant which has surprised you with some orange flowers. That is definitely Montbretia.
    The yellow is I believe one of the many different types of yellow jasmine. I think perhaps Gelsemium sempervirens - Carolina Jasmine. Are the flowers trumpet shaped? I cannot be 100% sure that I am correct.

    1. Brilliant. Thanks Rosemary. I was confident you would know. Did you mind my linking to your site? The flowers are not trumpet shaped.

    2. No not at all - it is an honour. I will have to rethink the yellow plant, and get back to you. I am sure it is some type of Jasmine, but which!!!

    3. Sticking with the Carolina Jasmine Olive, I have been unable to find any else similar.

  4. Olive, I am garden impaired, but they sure are pretty! Ann

  5. These are so pretty, Olive. I'm glad Rosemary could help you out, because I am no good with names of plants.

  6. I can't help you either ~ but it is certainly a charming flower!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Well I am no help. I have no idea but very pretty.

  8. I can't help you out with the names but I can enjoy being around them as much as Clovis does! ~ Maureen

  9. I believe the second flower might be,Crocosmia! They are commonly known in the United States as coppertips or falling stars, and in the United Kingdom as montbretia.

  10. I'm no help. The little orange plant looks like a delicate wildflower. I need to get some late bloomers like that shrub. I just call them pretty!

  11. I'm with Rosemary, I think it is some form of Jasmine...likely the one she mentioned. I wish I could say I knew that off the top of my head as she did...I deduced it from a quick Google search which seemed to match the look of your blossoms. I love that orange flowering pretty and the flowers would be beautiful in an autumnal bouquet!


  12. Hmm, or it could be this?!
    Tabebuia caraiba

  13. Hello Olive, I am. First time visitor to your site, stopping in from Tammy's Simple Southern Happiness blog. I agree with rosemary's ID of the little orange flower as I have many of these blooming in our front yard. They are invasive and will spread, but they are lovely and delicate that I don't mind at all. We also live in an old home here on the VA eastern shore, ours is over 100 yrs old and it has been a WIP for the past 9 years we have owned it. We also enjoy thrift stores and shop at them all the time. Drop in for a visit sometime, as we enjoy and appreciate all comments and we read them all!

  14. I would call them Bob and Martha, but no idea of what they really are. They are pretty though.

  15. Very pretty so no clue. Maybe Rosemary is correct.

  16. I have no idea but I really like the pretty star-shape of the blossoms.

    Oh as to the dogs. They were doing very well and then this last weekend Yuuko (the female) decided to start doing her business in her kennel. Now this has been going on a week. I had to giver her two baths today (she gets into it in her kennel) and then Kei did it too.

    I have to confess I cried. (I wonder if it has anything to do with my parents being here this weekend?)

  17. They are all beautiful, aren't they. My niece is getting a master gardeners certification. If I really wanted to know, she would tell me their names.

  18. the second one is definitely of my favorites and found in many old gardens...comes in several colors...
    could the first one be St John's wort? don't have my plant next to me and I am too lazy to go get it...but it is pretty....
    you were lucky to get those plants from that lady...


  19. Both are very pretty, love the delicate little orange flowers! Hope someone can help-enjoy:@)

  20. I hope you find out the names...they are pretty and I wouldn't mind a plant or two of my own!


  21. Olive, do you know if it also produces hanging pods like beans as it could be a senna artemisioides quadrifolia, or formally known as Cassia. it looks like it is in the Fabaceae family..(legume) but hey I could be mistaken. Another type of Cassia grows wild here in Queenland Australia and it flowers in late summer early autumn.
    good luck on your search.
    Bec x

    1. Hi Bec, I see no hanging pods, yet. Thanks for the information.

  22. Not sure what you have there Olive but wanted to comment on how wonderful to have friends and neighborhood sales to get plants from. I love sharing what I divide and thin :)

    Have a great weekend!


  23. I had the first tree with yellow flowers in my previous yard in Fairhope Alabama, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was!!!!

    I think we called it a "Golden Rain Tree" but I'm not sure that was correct. I'll keep thinking . . . and thinking . . .and - don't you hate when that happens?

  24. These are both so pretty and I've read your comments and see you've gotten some good answers. It always amazes me that there are so many flowers blooming at the end of the summer!

  25. Its very hard to identify in the photo what kind of plant is this.They're
    right its very lovely and pretty.
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