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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Estate Sales Five Tips

  1. Preview the sale online. I look at online photos and decide if I want to attend. I subscribe to You can narrow the search to within whatever mile radius from your address that you wish. Mine is set at 100 miles. I am notified three days prior to the sale.
  2. Take a box with newspaper or bubble wrap. Often my hands cannot hold all I want to buy and the rooms are crowded with people.
  3. Get to know the estate sale agents in your area by name. Greet them by  name. Ask about items you are interested in.
  4. Ask the estate sale agent what their best price is nicely. Remember they are trying to make the most amount of money for the family they are selling for and for themselves. The agents I know routinely reduce prices for me.
  5. Ask if there are any out buildings, barns, or garages that have items for sale in them. I have found some of my best pieces in outbuildings in dark dusty corners.

A larger pitcher bought on Saturday from an estate sale priced at $36.00. The estate sale agent reduced the price almost by half when I asked for her best price. I have been shopping her sales for many years. I will be selling this artist signed pottery piece later on.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and well wishes yesterday. 

happy thrifting 


  1. Sounds like you're a pro at shopping estate sales...the estate sale Queen!:-)
    Mary Alice

  2. I Love, Love, Love Estate Sales! I can't wait for Thursdays every week. Now my daughter and husband sometimes go with me too! Great tips.
    XO Cindy

  3. Love your pitcher and the fringed napkins too! Thanks for the tips on estate sales!

    Take good care of yourself and be well soon!

  4. Wonderful advice & thanks for the estate sales website!
    I'm now a subscriber!

    1. Good Sherry, I really like the photo feature.

  5. I can never resist a great pitcher. Hope all is well...

  6. wow, great tips and a beautiful pitcher, great price as well,

  7. Good tip on the out buildings. It's normally me and some old geiser out in the garage.

  8. Olive, Thanks for those tips. One of my sisters is so brazen she asks for discounts on everything. It's almost embarassing. Smiles, Susie


  9. I would rather go to an estate sale than eat

    we have one great estate compnay in this town and I am on her mailing list

    I went to a sale Saturday morning , got a great artist piece of jewelry

  10. Great tips! I have not been to many estate sales but lots for garage sales. Have a great holiday weekend, Laura

  11. I've never been to an estate sale~ I imagine I would be in trouble :) Great tips!

    1. Mary, Mary, you must get into some trouble. It is so much fun, the antiques, the vintage, and the haggling make for a perfect shopping experience.


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