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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am getting cozy with old wool blankets.  
Frankly this weekend has been exhausting. 
CC, our daughter, finally made it home from college Friday night. 
She was lost, rescued by her aunt, and many hours late. 
It was her first time driving that two hundred miles from the mountains. 
Thank you all for your encouraging comments on Friday.

Then on Saturday we saw that vampire movie of course. 
Had lunch and went to Costco with nine thousand other shoppers. 
Right when I went to sleep last night CC woke me up. 
She's home for sure.
I would not trade her for a band of flying monkeys.

Happy Sunday


  1. All's well! And, a beautiful Pendleton. Or Woolrich. I can't remember who made that plaid, but you probably do.

  2. How great your daughter arrived home safely, especially after her adventure of being lost. Now momma can truly sleep peacefully.

  3. I'm glad she made it home safe and sound. Enjoy your time together, Olive!

  4. Joy of joys that she is home safe and sound that is the main thing. Enjoy your time with her.

  5. Hi Olive... so happy CC made it home okay with just a few delays... love your woolen throw!... so cozy and warm looking...Yikes!... you went to Costco on a Saturday?... and the Saturday before Thanksgiving???... you are braver than me!... enjoy your time with your precious daughter, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. That is cozy looking and glad she made it home and you are enjoying your visit.

  7. So glad your daughter made it home safe and sound!

    That buffalo check blanket makes me want to curl up on the couch!

  8. So glad that CC finally arrived home safe and sound, Olive. That was a long drive for her, and she did well. My youngest daughter (34) went to see the latest Twilight movie last week, and she said it was the best one yet, although a little different from the book. I love that quote, that you wouldn't trade your daughter for a band of flying monkeys! That did make me smile. I guess I feel that way about my two daughters as well. Enjoy it whilst CC is home with you.

  9. That plaid blanket really does look cozy...actually we have been in the 50's all weekend which is a real treat.

    I am so happy that CC made it home okay. I am totally unnerved when my kids have to drive. I always think the worst.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.


  10. So happy that CC made it home safe! Enjoy your time with her. You can rest later. :0)
    We had 60 degrees yesterday in SW Minnesota and it is predicted again today!

  11. Cozy blankets, a lovely chair and lots of hugs from her mum. So glad CC made her journey safely even if it did take a bit longer. Have a wonderful time together.

  12. Love your woolen blanket!
    Glad CC's home....flying monkeys, no way...they SCARE me!!!
    My 36 year old daughter & I are leaving on a trip to Iowa on 11/30 to see my parents.
    Just the girls...will be fun!!

  13. i love how you call it the vampire movie ... ha. ha!! you make me laugh. enjoy your thanksgiving. take care. ( :

  14. I am so glad to hear that another mature adult went to see the "vampire movie". My grandchildren talked me into going to the midnight show on Thursday. I am really getting too old for that but we had a great time on our "girls night out". Glad your daughter is home safe and sound.


  15. Hey girl, I love the reflection in your mirror..can you come decorate my house? :-) I found myself searching high and low for the spray paint you recommended a few days ago..that churchill one! well, finally SUCCESS bought 3 cans..glad for the influence you have in my life...enjoy your sweet CC...all too soon , they have families of their own and these times are over...wish I had thought about that when my daughter was still single and coming home for visits.....

  16. I doubt I'll venture into a store besides getting groceries between now and Christmas. Too many people out!

  17. Olive, Remember all those other times your girl woke you up. When you said that, I thought of her being sick . I always hated my girls being sick...we mothers would rather be sick ourselves. Anyway, you know those darn flying monkeys are creepy.LOL I know you love your girl:):) xo, Susie

  18. We don't have a Costco and we haven't gotten into the vampire stuff.
    I LOVE that footstool!!!

    So glad she made it finally safely....I'll bet she studies a map before leaving next time. She'll have every turn down to a science. One of the many things college teaches you besides classes.

  19. So glad CC is home safe. You can relax now with your cozy blanket.

  20. So glad CC is home safe and sound and riding shotgun with her mom. I will be seeing the vampires tomorrow with The Maven and like you, I wouldn't trade time with her for anything. Ann

  21. So glad your daughter's home safe and sound!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Olive!!

  22. So happy for you that you daughter is home. Enjoy your time together!

  23. As long as she's home safe and sound, who cares if she disturbs a little sleep! Stay cozy. ~ Maureen

  24. She made it home safely, and that's what counts. Snuggle up under that warm wool blanket and enjoy your time with her!

  25. I'm willing to bet a dollar to a donut you've never had a sounder sleep...once she was home.
    Enjoy her homecoming and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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