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Thursday, November 8, 2012

White: Almost Converted

I can achieve this shot of the living room by standing on our stairs. 
I have been using Valspar's Churchill Hotel Vanilla spray paint 
on some objects on the coffee table. 
The three candle sticks were brown. 
 The large base for the cloche was bright gold. 
Now everything is a unified calming creamy white. 
The pair of urns are vintage and were made in Japan.

I declare I have been just about converted to white.

I still have color on chairs and windows.
I am off to an estate sale.
It is across the world from our old house but it has
an one hundred year old tool box that is interesting.
Let's hope it's not five hundred dollars.
Budget budget.

Edit: The toolbox was enormous, beautiful, old, and  $1300.00.
 You can see an image of it in my picture gallery on the sidebar of the blog. 
If unsold the owner is donating it to a museum 
as it is filled with vintage railroad tools.
 Joe said they could donate it to his museum. 

joy and peace


  1. Beautiful whites Olive. Good luck at your Estate Sale. None too interesting around here until tomorrow. Guess I will have to stay home and clean house (as if ;) ).

  2. Beautiful Olive, and it looks to me like someone is already thinking about a winter white Christmas theme! :) Best of luck at the estate sale.


  3. I brake for white! Oh gorgeous isn't it? Love the look of this table nd everything on it!

  4. I love the white framed flower pic too. Love the bust and the candlesticks too.

  5. So beautiful. Love the name of the paint.....I know I am weird like that. That's where I got the name of my blog, hah. Hope you get the tool box.

  6. Beautiful whites....I am going to have to pick up some of that spray paint now since I have not tried that color!!! LOL...Good luck at the estate sale :o)

  7. It's that ottoman that has caught my eye!

  8. Hi Olive... so very pretty!... I really do love the all white homes... but it is not me... just not for my own home... I have alot of beautiful vintage white pieces I use but I must have color mixed with them... and my colors are mostly that of Nature... other than my kitchen which is a little farmhouse kitchen in red and white... have fun at your sale!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Everything looks pretty in white! I am liking white more all the time.
    I hope you get the 100 year old tool box.

  10. They look good. Hope you come home with the tool box

  11. The white is gorgeous...winter white! And it's nice to mix some colors in for fun! Enjoy the sale!

  12. Very pretty! I didn't know you could spray paint so many different textures and surfaces with just one product. I love the shade!


  13. I love white! I to have been painting just about everything white as puts me more in the Holiday spirit! Curious what was inside the box??

    1. Railroad tools and a lot of them. I hope they donate them and the toolbox to a local museum. That is the best plan. Breaking up the tools and selling them would be awful.

  14. The whites are very calming. Hope the sale was a great one:@)

  15. Went to a Christmas Open House this evening and white was everywhere! White and silver. The other big hit was burlap. The white and silver was so pretty tho.

    Love your white table.


  16. The white really transforms the look! Lovely, Olive!

  17. I love all the white! Its amazing what a can of paint can do to a place!!

  18. I'd need a truckload of white paint to cover everything at 911! Your whites look lovely on your table.

    Too bad about the sale. There's always another right around the corner.

  19. Your whites add a nice soft touch to your room. I love to use whites as accents, but I don't think I could go to an all white palette.
    Mary Alice

  20. Your white treasures really do look lovely and so fresh.

  21. And I thought you'd be bringing that toolbox home. $1,300 is a little steep. I have some areas where I have white congregated together and then you look two feet to the right and the bright colors shout at you.

  22. While I really like the all-white look in other people's homes,- I need contrast! All of your old brown treasures look so pretty and new, Olive.
    :-) Sue


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