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Friday, November 16, 2012

Pastel Trays

Pastels today my friends. 
Because they are soothing.
Because I am coaxing a college student home via the telephone.
 CC has never driven alone from college before.
 I am anxious.
 She is anxious.
She has a GPS and it has already led her astray. 
She might end up in Alabama if I leave her to it.

I picked up these three pastel trays this morning 
and styled them on the island. 
They were one dollar each at an estate sale by the river. 
The china is American Country by Nikko.

Thank you for helping me stay busy today. 
I require distractions.
 I could clean but where is the fun in that?

happy Friday


  1. The baskets are beautiful; safe travels for your daughter; then you can relax!

  2. I love the softest of your photos today...baskets are so pretty!!!

  3. If she ends up in Alabama...maybe I can help her out:) Great price on those pretty trays.


    1. Thanks Linda, that evil GPS wants her to go into Atlanta which is way out of the way.

  4. Hi dear Olive. Thank you for popping over to see me at my place! My goodness, I just can't believe the bargains that you manage to pick up. I love those pastel trays - and at one dollar each, what a steal!! Your china is very pretty. Oh, I do hope that CC has a safe trip home. Do let us know that she got home safely so that you can be together for Thanksgiving. Hugs.

  5. ha! blogging for distraction is perfect!

    sending positive energy and light to lead your daughter home.


  6. I know you will enjoy having her home for the holiday. And just think, another holiday on the horizon. Praying for her a safe trip home.


  7. It really does make for butterflies in the tummy when the young people start driving alone, I know how you feel. The trays are such soft pretty colours, and only one dollar each, you are an amazing treasure finder.

  8. Safe travels for your daughter! I'm sure you will have great fun while she is home. Cute baskets! So many wonderful Estate Sales in my area this week. I can't wait to share all of my treasures. I could have been out all day but I am doing a million other things like... Planting Paperwhites! :) Take care, Cindy

  9. Hi Dear Olive,
    Gorgeous pastel trays, not to mention thrifty! I love how you have them stacked with the pretty blue and white china pattern. I'm sure your daughter will be fine but I understand the need to stay busy while waiting. If CC happens to get lost and ends up in AL tell her to call me! I'll get her on the right road home pronto.......
    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Olive.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    The French Hutch

    1. Thanks Emily, I want her to read a map. A MAP.

  10. Oh man! Those are great!
    They'll be fun to play with in the spring, too.
    Lucky you having daughter come home!
    I have to wait until tuesday for my son. He has been
    very sick :/ but is better now.
    Hope she finds her way soon and safely!!

  11. Hi Olive! Oh, I like your little trays and those dishes are so sweet! I agree totally that cleaning is simply no fun when you can play instead.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. I love your pastels.
    I hope she finds her way home safely. I remember when my son got his license. He and his girlfriend wanted to go to the mall. He couldn't find it. It was 10 miles from home and he had been there alot. Hope it made you laugh. ((((HUGS))))

  13. I worry with my kids on the roads to with ice and snow here. Nice set of trays.

  14. I'm sure you DD will find her way home...She's motivated!
    Love your pastel baskets Olive! They're so pretty and girly *winks*
    I wish I could've seen those cherubs. For 1k that cherub had better play some heavenly music! Lol! Vanna

  15. So pretty Olive!... I am happy to see you are keeping some color in your beautiful home besides white that you mentioned converting too... I love all your cheerful colors!... CC will do just fine!... I love to clean my house... it relaxes me... I know, alot of ladies think I am nuts... but it feels good to see everything all nice and clean and tidy... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. How pretty! Did the trays come in the colors or did you paint them? Did CC get home OK? She could do worse than end up in Alabama. LOL Then again.... I guess it would depend on just where in Alabama it was...

  17. Your trays are so pretty! How long of a drive does CC have? I'm sure she'll be just fine. :-)

  18. Have your daughter leave early so if she "accidentally" finds herself driving the scenic route, she will have time to ask directions to get her back on track. I like mapquest or even a map is good. My daughter had a lady that lives in her phone that tells us where to go. Sometimes she lies.

  19. Beautiful pastels. What a bargain! I went to an estate sale this morning too. Found some treasures that I'll share soon. Enjoy your time with CC..........Sarah

  20. They trays are lovely. I also noticed the apron hanged on the painting. It's very pretty.

  21. Great trays! I hope CC made it home OK...have a great weekend!!

  22. I know that anxious feeling all too well, but try not to fret darlin'...all roads lead to home.

  23. The trays are so pretty, Olive. They're like a breath of spring.

    I'm sure your daughter will be just fine and the trip will build up her sense of confidence in being able to get from point a to point b on her own. That's good!

  24. Love the pastel colors of those tray- such a nice departure from all the darker colors we usually see! Hope you enjoy a wonderful T-day holiday with your family. Hugs, Sue

  25. You said she may end up in Alabama as if it were a bad thing! If I see her in Alabama, I'll feed her and point her in your direction!

    Just saw where she made it home. Smart girl.

  26. YIKES!?! Did someone say "cleaning"?!?! Seriously glad you found something better to do than the c word ;) Glad to hear CC made it home safe and sound. Now if you want you can clean. Just kidding ;)

    Hugs and purrs,

    "Her" and Romeo


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